Breast Implants

Breast augmentation is defined as the plastic surgical procedure performed to place breast implants under or above the tissues of the breast. Breast implants surgery is similar with breast augmentation. The procedure is usually done to enlarge the breast. Breast augmentation constantly involves breast implants although sometimes, patients can use their own tissue like fat.

There are two kinds of breast implants namely saline and silicone. Implants that are filled with saline are actually silicone shells loaded with sterile salt water. On the other hand, silicone breast implants are made with silicone shells and are loaded with a plastic gel. Silicone implants present more threats if they leak even if several women prefer it due to its natural feel compared with the saline implants. In addition, the choice between saline and silicone Seattle Breast Implants must mainly be based on the look and feel that the patient wanted to attain. Saline-filled breast implants are slightly firmer than silicone gel. Nonetheless, silicon-filled implants are very uniform and intact so that its resemblance with a natural breast is high.

In 1992, the Food and Drug Administration stopped silicone implants due to safety reasons. However, after 14 years of review and methodical investigation of the subject, the FDA began permitting particular silicone breast implants.

The cost of breast augmentation procedure is dependent on the place where the procedure is done, the plastic surgeon and the kind of implant utilized. In general, breast implant surgery is worth between USD 5,000 and USD 10,000. Two years ago, plastic surgeons’ professional medical association American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery said the average amount needed to be paid for surgeon’s fees was around USD 3,308 for saline breast implants and USD 3,694 for silicone breast implants. There is also breast implant warranty that comes with offers of a lifetime replacement policy which increases the value of the surgery package. Since breast enlargement is a cosmetic procedure, health insurance companies typically refuse to cover the expenses.

Scientific evidence that says the breast implant surgery the risk of having breast cancer is lacking. However, the existence of breast implants proves to be a hindrance in taking and reading mammography examinations. Consequently, women with family history of breast cancer and other related breast problems are not advised to go through the procedure.
Furthermore, pregnancy and a woman’s ability to breast feed her child will not be affected by the presence of Seattle breast implants. Losing a significant amount of weight following the surgery may take its toll hence; a frequent check-up with the surgeon must be scheduled.

Doctors said breast implants will not last forever since they are not yet developed to become a lifetime device. In case a saline-filled implant breaks due to trauma to the patient’s chest, the contents will harm the patient as it is absorbed by her body. Also, a significant change in the size and shape of the breast will definitely be observed.
There are risks to every venture therefore, awareness will not only prevent the bad things from happening but it will also secure a person’s safety. The desire to boost underdeveloped breasts must be fulfilled as long as the quality of the procedure is maintained and the patient’s health is considered and monitored.


Dr. Zemplenyi is a Seattle breast augmentation specialist, visit his G+ link here.