Till date, the leaky gut syndrome has remained a medical mystery that experts have found hard to fathom. Complex diagnosis and lack of awareness makes leaky gut syndrome quiz all the more critical. Among the known symptoms are sensitivity towards different food items, pain in different parts of the body, bloating and cramps. While these symptoms seem to be clear cut from the outside, they represent a dicey situation from the doctor’s point of view, since many of them accept lacking knowledge about the gut.

The Menace Of Leaky Gut Syndrome

With doctors around the world openly accepting their lack of expertise in diagnosing leaky gut syndrome, this quiz is the perfect remedy for the patients to be extremely sure about the disease and opt for the appropriate treatment before it is too late.

What Causes Leaky Gut Syndrome?

After years of research and contemplation, the medical experts have zeroed in on hyperpermeability of the intestine as the most probable cause for the leaky gut syndrome. When the lining present beside the small intestine fails to function properly, the substances travelling through the gut are leaked into the bloodstream, thus causing irritation in different parts of the body. While a number of experts follow this hyperpermeability theory, there are still many experts who are circumspect towards calling it the root cause. Without getting lost in these contrasting point of views, the leaky gut syndrome quiz uses your responses as the symptoms and deciphers with extreme accuracy whether you are suffering from the leaky gut syndrome or not.

The problem due to which the detection of leaky gut syndrome is difficult is that its symptoms aren’t exclusive. Most of the symptoms thought to represent the disease are found in other diseases and discomforts too. Resultantly, most of the laboratory tests fail to conclude whether the patient is definitely suffering from leaky gut syndrome or not. Therefore, to be absolutely sure of the diagnosis, we highly recommend you to take the leaky gut syndrome quiz.

According to the experts, the treatment can be long and an early diagnosis can be life saving in most cases. Considering these factors, the earlier you take the leaky gut syndrome test, the better it would be for you and your health. Apart from the difficult diagnosis, what adds to the agony of the patients is that a number of doctors don’t go to the root cause of the problem and prefer to send the patients to other doctors.

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