Looking to hire or otherwise recruit an app developer to your company? Knowing how to read a resume is a big plus when weeding through applications, as you’ll learn to easily spot what you’re in need of. Let’s check out a few key things to look for in an inventor resume:

Successful Designer You’ve Actually Heard Of

This might seem a bit obvious, but that doesn’t make it any less true! Finding an app designer or developer whose app’s you’ve heard of or used yourself is a huge win, and someone you’ll probably want on your team sooner rather than later. While hiring a well-known developer will likely cost more in regards to pay, it’s well worth it if the person comes up with one money-generating idea after another.

Detailed Explanation of Qualifications

Most well-written resumes feature detailed explanations of qualifications before moving on to experience and companies worked for. The paragraph might include how many years the person has worked as adeveloper, the first company he or she worked for, and any other relevant information pertaining to app design. This opening paragraph should grab your attention and hold it, and prepare you for reading the rest of the developer’s experience.

Several Years’ Experience

Not every successful developer has years of experience in the field under their tool belts, however those with more experience developers are usually better-qualified. These people understand what it’s like to work for a company as opposed to spending hours in their basements or attics programming away. Substantial company experience frequently indicates the ability to work well with others, which is especially essential when working on apps. Listening to feedback, providing insights and suggestions, and taking constructive criticism without becoming offended are what you want in your next developer. If the resume you’re reading features limited work experience but an app or two of note, you may choose to move on to the next one.

Remember, what to look for in a resume also boils down to what your company specifically needs. If a wide-eyed developer newbie is what you want so you can mold the person as necessary, go for it. If a successful developer with years in the field is what’s missing from your team, wait until you find the resume that features those requirements.

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