I’ve been urging my clients for years to take heed of the endless data advocating video marketing and too often it seems like my words fall on deaf ears. They tell me, “Stanley Meytin, I don’t think my business needs a video commercial,” or, “video is going to be too expensive and will never bring in enough business to pay for itself.” Frankly, either one of these objections falls under the category of not understanding how the world of online marketing affecting consumer attention. This quick overview will show anyone on the fence six reasons why the Stanley Meytin video promotion method is bar-none a necessary component for any type of business.

6 Reasons Why Every Small Business Needs A Video

1. The video doesn’t have to be a traditional commercial: Too when somebody thinks of using video to market their brand, they’re envisioning a typical local market television commercial. The truth is that your video marketing strategy can be accomplished in a variety of creative ways, few of which have to be highly promotional and sales- driven.

2. Google ranks video higher than any other content type: Google all of the data points and metrics of the web at their fingertips. The fact is that visitors to a page with a video embedded are typically about 39% more likely to share the page versus a page with similar text-based content.

3. YouTube is one of the world’s largest search engines: Depending the day you check, they’re either second or third behind Google’s own main page search application. Because Google owns YouTube, they’re in the business of cross-promoting their brand.

4. Video marketing captures local customers: When a video is to a specific area or demographic, the search keywords included in the video’s title and description can draw in local audiences and highly- targeted customers whereas similar text content will be far more saturated with similar content.

5. It’s an easy way to stand out from the competition: For each owner thinking they don’t need to use video, it only takes one to choose to do so to get their own distinctive advantage over the rest.

6. Not all videos are priced the same: An internet brand marketing is not nearly as expensive as a high-end television commercial. Also, lower-budget but higher quantity of video installments is another great way to go.

Passing up on video as a component of your business’ marketing approach is a bad move, regardless of the industry or how long the brand has been established. I have been putting the Stanley Meytin brand identity into video and advocating the same for my clients for a number of years now and the results have been rather impressive. With the prevalence of increasingly more screens and web-enabled devices in our daily lives, there’s little reason to doubt that video marketing will become more useful and profitable in the future.

One of the best ways to leverage this growing area of promotion is to get a foothold sooner rather than later. A simple and short video detailing some aspect of your brand’s purpose or some area of expertise that might pique interest in potential customers is an excellent place to start. Just like the building of a successful savings plan doesn’t come from one big deposit at the local bank, a fruit-bearing online marketing strategy can come from the investment into many, smaller-budget video productions over a larger period of time. There is little chance that web surfers are going to go backwards into reading large swaths of text or staring at images when video is available.