Choosing a cell phone in these days with so many brands vying for your attention can be a difficult decision.  The buyer has to look for features that are the most suitable to his own particular need.

Oppo is well established in North America, Europe and Asia.  It has many high-end Android phones with remarkable features.  We can take a look at the outstanding specifications and features of its very affordable Find 7a.

The large 5.5 inch screen and high resolution give a clarity and brilliance to the display of this cell phone.  The density of the display is 408 ppi, which is the highest ever for a display of this size.  It also has Quad HD screen with 1920 x 1080 resolution.  This feature is able to impress even the most hardened gadget reviewer.  It allows the user to work the screen, even if there is moisture on it, or even if the user is wearing gloves.

The display has a touch on lens module which contributes to making the screen durable, lighter and thinner.  It uses Gorilla Glass 3, which makes this the best option in the TOL (touch on lens) phones.

The battery life is the major bone of contention with the modern users of Smartphones. It is universally acknowledged that the battery usage is going to be high.  It can be a blessing if the phone has a feature that allows fast charging.  Voltage opened loop and multi-step constant current charging (VOOC) technology is just what allows the battery to charge faster than usual.  Within 30 minutes you can charge your battery up to 70%, which is sufficient for emergency usage.

One of the most attractive features of the Find 7a phone is the attractive and useful skylight.  It lights up the base of the phone with a pleasing blue light, which makes it easy for the user to know when it is time to check for new messages.  It is a very cool way to ensure that you do not miss a notification.

Let us face the fact that a camera is one of the first features that the user likes to check out in a new phone.  It has a 13 megapixel camera that will give you amazing quality photographs each time.  It has advanced generation sensors by Sony, the latest imaging module and a wide aperture that makes sure you can take pictures even in a low light.

It has an extended exposure of 32 seconds, which makes even night shots look great.

The phone has software that allows the user to create GIF animations.  It is a cool new feature that makes the phone a handy tool for better output.

The casing of the phone is a metal which is a titanium-aluminium alloy.  This gives it the hardiness of a metallic frame and does not feel like plastic as the other phones do.  The use of this alloy ensures that the phone stays cool in your hand because of thermal dispersion.  There will be no discomfort from holding a phone overheated from extended use with this handset.   The access button on the phone is embedded to ensure that the design is seamless yet more convenient to use.