Did you know that you can live big in a small apartment too? Yes, this is definitely possible if you know how to organize everything well, as well as to pick the right furniture for your home, the right color scheme and many other tiny details that can have great impact. This article will get you informed about all of these and will for sure give you some inspiration when decorating your tiny apartment.


When it comes to furniture there are definitely certain types of furniture that work well for tiny apartments. Such types are of course multi-functional furniture at first place and acrylic furniture. Multi-functional furniture is the must-have type of furniture when there is not too much space available. There are many designs to choose from, starting from sofas that turn into bed for the nighttime, to some compact coffee table that can be extended to a dining table that may even feature some chairs. Also you may even get some bunk bed that features both a desk and storage space.

Acrylic furniture is also the type of furniture worth having in small apartments. The transparent design makes the space look bigger and you can again choose from versatile designs including coffee tables, dining table and chairs, shelves, nightstands etc.


Besides the furniture choice, colors can also make or break the space. You should definitely choose some light color scheme, including white, beige or some pastel tones, and try to avoid dark color scheme because dark colors will make the space look smaller than it is. You can of course use dark tones for some tiny details to create some contrast.

More Natural Light

Lighting is also really important part of a home decor and not only artificial one, but natural too. The bigger the windows the better. The space will get more light and thus appear open and airy. And if you are even lucky to have a view of a beautiful surrounding, you will enjoy it everyday.

Use Every Inch of The Space Available

And yes the key to organize a small apartment is to use every inch of the space available. So, don’t neglect some odd spaces, like the corner space because there are many possible ways to use it. Also black walls can be great for some wall storage or for adding some large mirror that will again open up the space.

All in all, the above tips are definitely the ones to follow if you want to make a small space look bigger and hopefully you will find them useful. And whatever you choose for your home, make sure that it will always add to it’s appeal and will make you feel cozy living there.