Exfoliation can be beneficial to every skin type. Exfoliating reveals fresh skin cells, removes dead skin from pores and can even reduce the appearance of pores. 

Will Exfoliating Strip My Dry Skin?

Flakes of dry skin can in fact inhibit the full permeation of moisturiser into the skin and oil can become trapped and cause pimples. Gentle exfoliators or light facial scrubs are your best option, following with a skin balm such as Eucerin Aquaphor Soothing Skin Balm. You should find your skin is transformed to dewy, bright and glowing effect.

Will I Break Out in Pimples?

Stay away from any rough scrubs, which can cause breakouts. Instead use a face wash made with salicylic or glycolic hydroxyl acids that will remove grime and permeate oil on the skin to break down any dead skins cells that clog pores.

For a weekly treatment use a charcoal mask which will absorb excess oil. 

Will it Irritate My Sensitive Skin?

Instead of gritty, tough scrubs, use a mild exfoliator or a cleanser containing plant or fruit enzymes which will deeply clean your skin. Instead of weekly treatments, use a wet washcloth in a circular motion to sweep away any dead skin.

What Should I Know About Exfoliating Scrubs?

What Should I Use on Normal Skin?

Typically, normal skin means combination – an oily T zone with dry cheeks. This means you can use one of the best exfoliators, baking soda. You can find powder-cleansers on the market which enable you to adjust their strength for your different facial zones.

When Should I Exfoliate?

Either morning or night works, but if you use retinol or other treatments at night, it is best to exfoliate at night. This will make your skin more receptive as dead skin is removed.

What Should I do if I Have a Bad Reaction?

1% hydrocortisone cream calms skin and reduces inflammation, and once your skin calms, use a gentle moisturizer such as those found at http://www.lifeandlooks.com/eucerin-aquaphor-soothing-skin-balm.html.

Are Microbeads Bad for the Environment?

Plastic beads are found in many face scrubs, and once washed down the drain, can end up polluting lakes, rivers and oceans. Later this year, the government will be imposing a ban on these products (https://www.gov.uk/government/news/government-sets-out-next-steps-to-ban-microbeads).

Major companies have withdrawn or are in the process of phasing out these beads, opting instead for natural and biodegradable alternatives.