Providing potty training to the child can be quite difficult and all parents have to face this difficulty in their lives. You will have to work quite hard and you will even face quite pitfalls. You need to take steps in order to avoid these pitfalls. In order to do so, you need to know what problems you can come across and then you can take the right steps in this regard.

Problems that parents face while potty training their child

Let’s take a look at some of the problems which you can face while training your child for potty and know some tips for potty training:

The kid is not ready for training: Many a times, you will find that though you keep on trying to train your child for potty, he or she shows no signs of improvement. Though the child has attained the age of potty training, maybe he or she is not ready for it. If you find that even after constant trying, there has been no progress, you can stop the training for the time being. You can start off with it after 2-3 months.


No interest from the child’s end:
 Kids find diapers to be easier. This is because they are happy with the idea that if they wear diapers, they will not have to clean up the mess or stop playing. Moreover, for them, wearing diapers have been common. If this is the mentality of your kid, then you will have to provide them with proper reasons for potty training. You will have to keep away the diapers from them and provide them with underwear. Once they understand how problematic and messy it is to be wet and dirty, they will themselves get interested in training.

Use of the wrong potty: If you are using the wrong techniques to train your child for potty, then you will never find the proper results. You just cannot buy any potty chair for your child and expect to get him/her properly trained. As most kids prefer potty seats that sit on the ground, you will have to provide them with that than normal toilet seats. If one potty chair is not working for him, then you can take help of other options.

Problem in transitioning from daytime to night-time training: As the kids are mainly trained in the day-time, they may still face problems in managing/holding it during night-time. You can hardly do anything to fix this problem. You should not fret over it. Rather, you should train the child for daytime and keep the diapers handy for the night-time.

Kids face problems in going out: Kids have their own comfort zone. They can easily handle the situation with they are at home but might face problems when they are out. Thus, when they are out with you, ask them if they need to go to the potty and take required steps in this regard.

Hope now potty training for your kids will be easier for you!