Adonis golden ratio program is a quick, exceptional and result oriented program that help to develop a strong, lean and muscular body by reducing fats and gaining muscles. It was developed by John Barban who holds a bachelor and master degree in Human Biology and nutrition from the University of Gueiph. He has more than 10 years working experience for some of the largest sport supplement companies.

John was a skinny kid when he was in school. He always wanted to build his muscles and have a lean attractive look. He tried every method but was not able to get the shape he wanted. He started his research on human body, psychology and attraction. During his research he realised that women are attracted to a male muscular physique. A good physique will gain attraction, respect and admiration. The discovered the tool of Adonis golden ratio to calculate the Adonis index. According to him each body is different and needs a different program accordingly to attain a good muscular physique.

The Adonis golden ratio program is framed depending upon the body type and desired body structure of the individual. Accordingly a diet plan, workout schedule and supplement plan is framed to lose fat.

If a person has a strong desire, is motivated and self confident he can achieve the desired body structure with 12 weeks with this program. The only drawback about this program is that it is meant for men only. Women wanting to shape their body can go for Venus index workout which is also created by John Barban. Secondly it is an online program a person should remain firm and complete the program as given as there would be nobody to push him or force him to do so. He has to maintain his schedule and go according to the plan.