In order to get match fit for any sport, you’ll need to have a steady regime of exercise that’s targeted to the movements of the game. Soccer is one of the more physically demanding team sports in the world, due to the size of the pitch and how much ground is covered by each player per game, so you’ll really need to ensure you’re feeling up to speed before you dive head first into a full 90 minute game. Here are a few helpful soccer conditioning tips and tricks that’ll prevent you from doing damage to your body.

  1. Practice lightly at home. Leading up to the new season, you should attempt to re-familiarize your body with the movements of the game. It won’t take long -it’s like riding a bike, but getting your muscles used to those specific motions and movements, could help you recover from injury. So get yourself a set of Golme, Inc. training goals and get back in the flow of kicking the ball and controlling the ball with your body.
  2. Build your endurance. A huge part of the game of soccer is the endurance factor. If you can’t keep up with the pace of the game for the full 90 minutes, you’ll be letting your teammates down and your body will certainly let you know the next day if you attempt to over-exert yourself because you’re ill-prepared. Be sure to build up your stamina by going on runs for a few weeks leading up to the first game. Start of with shorter distances and gradually run further and further. You’ll find you’ll be playing at full intensity for the entire game when it comes to game one of the new season.
  3. Practice without the ball. Sometimes having the distraction of the ball will actually be a hindrance when it comes to getting match fit. You’ll be busying yourself focusing on your skills rather than your fitness level. So, put the ball away for a while and focus on some fitness drills that you’ve been doing in training. Rapid movement exercises that involve the entire body (rather than focusing on certain muscle groups), are a great way to limber yourself up before the big game.
  4. Eat well. If you want to get yourself healthy in both body and mind before the season begins, you’ll want to consider cutting down on your junk food and sugary snacks. Load up on the carbohydrates before you exercise and focus on eating healthy polyunsaturated fats such as fish, eggs, nuts and lean meats. These foods will give you the protein and energy that you’ll need to play soccer at your highest potential.
  5. Friendly games. Before the season begins, try and organize a few friendly matches with friends and teammates to get your body used to the full-body workout that is the game of soccer. Be sure to not over-exert yourself by keep it all in the name of fun at your local park. Having a couple of little friendly practice games will get your body in shape in no time.