The human intestinal system is very complicated. The food that we eat is moistened with saliva in the mouth before it passes through esophagus to your stomach. In small intestine, each particle is further grounded and forms tiny particles. This mixture is broken down further for fat, protein and sugar. The remaining part of food travels to the large intestine from smaller intestine, where water is extracted from it. This leaves back residue that is excreted through colon tract to anus. This excretion procedure is called bowel movement.

When food enters your intestine, the intestine and colon expands when the waste has to be excreted. The signal is given to the brain which connects with the bowel movement. It is the brain that gets the signal whether the pain is normal or alarming. When you are stressed, the intestine muscles tighten up. This makes the process of digesting the food worse. Discomfort in brain and intestine creates a troublesome gesture.

Key Signs and Symptoms Of IBS

This leads to upset stomach. Some have the symptoms rarely which goes away with time, while others have it frequently. Under such circumstances, the person suffers with the problem of inadequate movement in the digestive system. This problem is called irritable bowel syndrome. There are many symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome disease, but some common symptoms are abdominal pain, cramps, gas and bloating.

Let us discuss all symptoms that can be due to IBS –

  • When you suffer with IBS, you have painful contraction in muscles in your bowels. These contractions lead to cramps and pain which can be released if your mind is relaxed and by following a proper healthy diet with low carbohydrates and more fiber.
  • Sometimes, IBS gives an immediate urge to bowel movements which results in diarrhea that can happen quite frequently in a week. In this case, stools can be loose and runny with mucus in it.
  • Another symptom is constipation that can happen when the coordination between brain and bowel slows down. Under such circumstances, bowel soaks up more water from waste and makes it dry which is difficult to pass.
  • Severe warning signs of IBS are combination of constipation and diarrhea, where different kinds of pain indicate different types of bowel movement. This is a serious condition that needs immediate treatment.
  • Abnormal bowel movement can also lead to blood in stool with mucus. This blood is black or dark in color with thick consistency.
  • When you have problem in intestine it increases gas. This gas can lead to bloating and cramps which can be controlled by high fiber food and low carbohydrates and gluten.
  • Many people are intolerant to certain food like milk products or gluten food. The moment they intake such food their bowels starts reacting differently.
  • When you have cramps and pain in stomach you feel fatigued and tired. Also such problems create insomnia and restless mornings.
  • When you don’t have clear bowels you are always irate and anxious. This causes stress and tension and if it is not controlled can increase the problem.

Who doesn’t want a healthy life? All these symptoms have common solution, healthy diet, good sleep and proper physical exercise with daily morning walks.