Destiny Number 9 is the basic path for humanitarian or for individuals who literally want to change the world to transform this place into a better place to live in. The actions of destiny number 9 are always people oriented which is9 filled with compassion for others. These individuals shun power but take up the crest so that the position can benefit a lot of people and help those individuals who are in need. They prefer themselves to be a part of such organizations that work for the betterment of people or some kind of religious organizations. These individuals hold a superior sense of morals in addition to a strong value system with proper definition of what is right and what is wrong is life. Destiny number 9 people feel that their existence is imperfect. Destiny number 9 people undergo that their survival is incomplete if they do not make any such contributions towards any great cause.

How to find out whether the Destiny Number is 9?

The destiny number is calculated by calculating your complete date of birth.

     I.        Consider this sample date of birth 9th of July 1946

   II.        Add all the digits together 0+9+0+7+1+9+4+6

  III.        In this particular case, 0+9+0+7+1+9+4+6 = 36

  IV.        Then add up both the digits such as 3+6

    V.        Therefore, in this case the destiny number is 9

Destiny numberNumber: Positive Traits

Individuals with destiny number nine are quite compassionate and loving who quite well understand their respective requirements. These individuals strive hard to make this place a better place to live in. They are quite broad minded individuals with whole lot of flaws. They hold high level of tolerance and they cannot hold accept other individual’s weaknesses. People with life number 9 hold good networking with others. They may not be quite well off financially and they are much more than the materialistic requirements.

Destiny Number: Negative Traits

A terrible temper is something that ruins the picture perfect nature of individuals who are born with the life number 9. These individuals are quite impatient and they are basically poor judges of character. Their loving nature is mostly misused and they are easily manipulated by the clever as well as cunning individuals. These people are eccentric in nature and therefore many individuals do not understand their personality.

Celebrities with Destiny Number 9

There are few celebrities who hold the destiny number 9 such as Tyra Banks, Rowan Atkinson, Bea Arthur, Jim Carrey, Roberto Benigni, Morgan Freeman, Anthony Hopkins, Harrison Ford, Michael Richards, Kurt Russell, Sharon Stone, Renee Zellweger and Whitney Houston.

So, these are the character traits of individuals born under destiny number 9 and therefore to find out the destiny number the birth date helps in the numerology calculation.

Author Bio: Tom Brown is a numerologist who holds keen interest in numerology calculation. On his leisure, he loves reading books and magazine about numerology.