There are often quite a few questions that arise about dental implants, their treatment, the procedure, and their benefits.  Although most understand that a dental implants treatment is commonly used to replace a missing tooth or teeth, they can also be used to support a denture or bridge.  Most people think that because a dental implants treatment is performed by a cosmetic dentist that they are only for aesthetic appeal, but again this is a misconception but only to a point.  You see a dental implants treatment is commonly used to improve the look of one’s smile, but that isn’t the only benefit that stems from replacing a missing tooth with a dental implant.

You see, when an individual loses a permanent tooth, there is a variety of things than begin to take place.  For one, their self-esteem is affected, their smile is affected, and their bite is affected.  These conditions lead to other adverse conditions like a decrease in their socializing and their eating habits, as well as, other dental conditions can begin to occur.

As we age our bodies go through a natural aging process.  This process also effects our gums and jawbone.  When an individual has lost a permanent tooth and it doesn’t get replaced, this process is accelerated which can also lead to the adjacent teeth becoming loose and falling out.  The space that left open allows for the other teeth to move and shift which can cause misalignment and also affect one’s bite and eating habits.  When the diet is affected, the overall health can be affected.

By visiting a dental implants professional in Austin, these conditions can all be stopped.  A treatment begins with the dental implants expert thoroughly examining one’s mouth to make sure that the bone is strong enough and thick enough to hold the titanium post that hold the artificial crown.  This post is similar to the natural tooth’s root.  The expert would then apply an abutment to the post and bond the natural looking artificial crown to it.  The entire procedure time varies, as most dental implants professionals do this treatment in a two part treatment.  There are however, some experts who will perform a dental implants treatment the same day.  The reason many cosmetic dentist will perform this treatment in two stages is so that once the post is placed in the jawbone, the two have time to fuse.

When an individual decides to have a dental implants procedure, once the treatment is complete, there is an increase is self-confidence, a boost in the morale which can increase their social life, as well as, rectify the chance of poor eating habits and lack of nutrients, leaving them healthier, happier, and smiling proudly.

There are those who think that replacing a missing tooth with a dental implants Austin dentist is just its aesthetic quality, but what do you think?  If you have a missing tooth, talk with a professional about your options to better health and an improved smile.