Some people are shocked that it can take several months to sort out the simplest personal injury claims case. More complicated cases can take years. This is because there is a personal injury claims process that has to be followed in order to secure your compensation.

Accident Advice Helpline always try and conclude personal injury claims cases for their clients as quickly as possible as they know that their clients are in need of the compensation payouts.

If you help your Accident Advice Helpline personal injury lawyer with the personal injury claims process then it will assist him in working more efficiently and may allow the claim process to be speeded up.

In order for you to do this it is a good idea to know a little about how the process works.

What Is The Process For Making An Accident Injury Claim?

Personal Injury Claims Process – the Start

The very start of the personal injury claims process is you deciding that you want to make a claim. Of course, no-one can make this decision for you. However, there are plenty of things that you can do to help you make the right decision. If you contact Accident Advice Helpline or look up their website online, then you can use their unique 30 second test.

This will give you the chance to enter some details about your accident and about the injuries that the accident has caused. It will also ask you if the accident was your fault or not. Once this information is in the system – it literally takes half a minute to do this – then it will determine whether your case is likely to be successful or not. If it is a positive result, you will also get an idea of how much compensation money you may get if you win. Keep this information in the back of your mind while you are deciding what to do.

You can enhance this stage of the process yourself by starting the claim as soon as possible after the accident. You actually have up to three years to make a claim but it is always preferable to begin a claim sooner rather than later to speed the process along. It also means that all of the paperwork is easy to locate and witnesses are easier to contact.

Personal Injury Claims Process – Making the case

Your Accident Advice Helpline personal injury lawyer will have to prove two things. Firstly, that the person that you are claiming from caused the accident. Secondly, that you were injured in the accident – that is, you suffered a personal injury.

In order to do this your lawyer will be asking you to provide some information. You will provide information about the accident – a statement and photographs if you have any – and about your injuries. These will include details of general medical treatment and professional nursing care. If you keep this information stored in a safe place then you will be able to provide it quickly and the process will run more smoothly and without delays.

Your lawyer will then use the information to negotiate your compensation.

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