There are much worries experienced and felt not only by the bride and the groom but also by everyone involved in the wedding. This includes the photographers. Wedding photography services are purchased early on and plans are set to capture the most important scenes perfectly. However, blunders and booboos can happen, and these result to frustration. In this article, we will discuss the top five worries of wedding photographers.

The 5 Biggest Worries Of Wedding Photographers

1) Fail Equipment

When the tool fails and there’s no backup camera that can be used, the photographer is doomed. There are times when the battery of the camera or the video camera is not charged properly, when the camera lens is damaged or the camera’s shutter just refused to open.

When any of these things happen, photographers must have a backup plan. He can bring an extra camera or borrow equipment from other companies. He can also choose to ask help from his men to provide backup or support service in case something goes awry.

2) Lack of Memory

The camera’s memory card can only hold file sizes as much as the label says. When the photographer has not anticipated that more memory is required to cover the wedding day, he would not be able to continue taking shots. This is a big loss for the couple and also a big loss at his income and credibility as a professional.

What’s more, it’s even more frustrating when he has to delete some great photos to record the grant entrance of the couple at their reception, their exchange of marriage vows or the dance everyone has been waiting for.

3) Tardiness

One of the people who should come the earliest to take photos of the bride and groom separately (before they meet) is supposedly the photographer. It’s remorseful when the photographer cannot be on time to take the first shots before the couple enters the church or before the actual wedding ceremony. Taking note of time is very crucial in these events.

4) Plain Backgrounds

It’s wise to go to the actual venue of the wedding to consider some backgrounds and angles that would be suitable for the bride and groom. Photographers should choose the locations where group shots, couple shots and other important coverage should be taken. But some has the mistake of shooting in uninteresting views that don’t give substantial context.

5) Eye Failure

The eyes of the subject are important to be perfect in every shot. If the photographer sees that the view is too sunny, then choosing another view would be best. It’s nice to avoid squinting of the eyes that result to unflatter shots.

Moreover, not capturing eye contact between the married couple is certainly a miss. Photographers must know how they should control poses and bring out real emotions. They should also be attentive and ready to seize every picture-worthy moment.

Being a wedding photographer is one of the hardest tasks there is, more than being a nature or art photographer. This is about being adept at the difficult art of managing expectations of clients and also getting the key shots to produce something admirable.