All kinds of violence and abuse are strictly prohibited in schools. Violence or abuse means a bad behavior that puts in danger the health, personal development of a student, teacher or any kind of employee who works in the school regardless of age or gender. There are different kinds of violence that is present in school and no matter how hard the government tries to eliminate them, they will always be present. If your child or someone you know is experiencing problems at school contact passi & patel criminal lawyer to get legal advice.

Discrimination is the most common type of violence. The desire to hurt someone else’s feelings because of their physical appearance is called discrimination. Also, a physical discrimination is considered when people try to humiliate the victim because of their gender, nation, or sexual orientation. Discrimination is strictly prohibited in every school in the world which is mostly followed by physical violence and all of that just to make the victim feel bad about themselves. The victim, if it is a child doesn’t want to tell their parents or teacher because they are too embarrassed to talk about that. But parents must really talk to their kids and find out how other children or teachers treat them. If you notice any kind of problem, even the smallest one, report it to the principle immediately. No one should put up with insults or violence.

What Is School Violence and How To Fight Against It

The violence in schools happens in many forms and ways that include: emotional violence, sexual violence, social violence and exploitation. It should be noted that some of these forms of violence can be performed by using social media, phone calls, messages or even letters. All the evidence must be kept safe and report it immediately to the principle and the police if necessary. Students who bully innocent children will be punished with a disciplinary action and some of them might even be asked to change the school or be transferred to another school. The bully will also be asked to visit therapy so that they can improve their behavior and never commit that kind of crime again.

If the person who committed the crime is a teacher or school employee they will immediately be moved from their working place and even face criminal charges, depending on the type of crime. If it is needed, the police or school committee will take their working license and they will never be able to work as a teacher or school employee again. But if the violence is committed by a parent, the school is obliged to immediately contact the police and give all the evidence. The school should call the police if the case is serious and they are not able to stop it. If there is a criminal action to children or teachers outside of the school, they are allowed to contact the police immediately and let them take care of the case.