Many people think that students, who are good at math are geniuses, capable of understanding issues, which are too difficult for “normal” people. It is true that mathematics is not easy, however, you do not have to be blessed with extraordinary cognitive skills to be able to solve complex math problems. The two most important things for learning math: deep understanding and regular practicing can be mastered by virtually anyone.

Developing Deep Understanding of Math

Some people call it an insight, others the “aha moment”, but these different expressions are used to describe the same thing – the understanding of mathematic computations at a deep level. Those, who have achieved this kind of understanding are able to rationally explain mathematical problems and they see the deep connections between mathematical facts. Getting to this level might seem difficult, but it is not. The secret is to learn math in a progressing way, starting from the foundations and moving to advanced issues. You might think that this is the way math is always taught at school, but unfortunately it is not. The traditional math curriculum contains chaotically presented portions of math theory, which are not explained in an easy to understand manner. And if a student does not understand the basics, he or she will never achieve that deep understanding of math.

Practicing what you have Learned

Singapore Math is a method aimed at filling the gap and providing exhaustive explanations of the basics of math, before progressing to complex issues. What is even more important, the Singapore Math program is based on solving math problems and it contains hundreds of creative exercises, which are aimed at developing skills already possessed by students and stimulating them to learn new things. Reduced to minimum math theory plays an important role in the process, but children learn most mathematical facts by applying them to real life situations and problems.

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