Wouldn’t it be great, if we didn’t have to learn math at school? Actually, no, it would be terrible! You might not realize it, but you use your math skills every day, when you perform very simple, as well as very complex tasks.

Learning and Counting

Without the ability to count, add, subtract, multiply and divide it would be difficult to perform such everyday activities as shopping and paying for products. Planning and organizing your activities would also be a lot more difficult, if you were not able to make estimations regarding the time and assets required to complete the tasks. Comparing objects would be impossible, if we did not have the concept of quantity.

We need Math to Communicate

Math and logic are the foundations of our ability to communicate in a rational manner. You are subconsciously using logic every time you want to reach a conclusion or create a strong argument to support your statement. Without logic, we would not be able to rationally think and make correct predictions.

Why we need to Study Complex Math

One might start to argue that all of the above mentioned math skills are very simple and can be developed in elementary school, so why do we need to learn advanced math in high school? In certain disciplines, such as IT, engineering and science studies, basic math is not enough, so if you want to work in those fields in the future, you need proper training. The ability to understand advanced math and solve complex math problems is also a sign of higher cognitive and analytical skills, therefore so many colleges and universities use math tests as a part of their entry exams. Learning advanced math does not have to be difficult. If you prefer to study practical applications of math and struggle with understanding abstract concepts, use Singapore Math materials to learn math more effectively.

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