Traditionally, people have used sun exposure to achieve the glowing, golden skin tone they crave during the summer months. But the onward march of science has revealed that sun exposure, and particularly sunburns, can contribute to early signs of aging, as well as potentially fatal conditions like skin cancer. As it happens, baking in the hot summer sun can be harmful to your health, or at least your appearance in the long run. The golden tan you accomplish today can make you look like tanned leather tomorrow, so to speak. But there are healthy alternatives that will allow you to hide your pasty, pale complexion without risking melanoma in the process. If you’re looking for ways to perfect your tan without risking the side effects of sun exposure, here are a few healthier options to try.

4 Healthy Tanning Alternatives For A Golden Glow

  1. Sunblock. There’s no reason you can’t get out in the sun and soak up a little vitamin D, so long as you take measures to protect your skin from potentially harmful UV rays. And one of the best options is to apply a broad spectrum sunblock. If you spend a lot of time in the sun, you’re going to tan eventually no matter how much sunblock you apply. But you can do so a lot more safely by ensuring that your skin is protected while you’re outdoors.
  2. Bronzers. Typically, bronzers are used on the face to provide that sun-kissed glow without having to risk sun damage and premature signs of aging on some of the most delicate skin on your body. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find liquid or powdered bronzing products to use on other areas that you’d like to expose, such as your arms, your back, your décolletage, and so on. It may not be the best option if you want an all-over tan, since even application can be a lot of work and it will wash off the minute you apply water. But it’s a good alternative to tanning for those looking to create the illusion of a tan on a small area of the body.
  3. Home tanning products. There are so many self-tanning products on the market that the average consumer might have trouble figuring out which ones to try. Since they’re generally fairly inexpensive, you might want to try a number of options, including sprays, lotions, foams, and even towelettes. What you’re likely to discover is that the most effective and efficient sunless tanning products are those that incorporate tanning agents into a daily moisturizer. Hydrated skin is essential to avoiding streaks and darker patches when applying home tanning products, so these kill two birds with one stone. And some are designed to build up with continual use so that you can control how deep your tan is by simply using the product more or less frequently.
  4. Spray tans. If you’d rather let a professional apply your tan with high-grade products from an outlet like spray tan solutions direct, rather than attempting to do it yourself, you’ll find that spray tanning is the way to go. Just skip the automated booths in favor of a trained technician that can make sure you achieve even coverage and a color that matches your skin tone.