Most women who have low estrogen are approaching menopause, but younger women can suffer from this problem too. There are many symptoms that indicate low estrogen levels, such as night sweats, hot flashes, and a diminished libido, that should trigger the need to consult a doctor for younger women. Although some of the reasons for low levels of this hormone can be concerning, especially for younger women, others are easily remedied.

The Causes Of Low Estrogen In Younger Women

Symptoms of Low Estrogen in Younger Women

Some of the symptoms of low estrogen are the same no matter the age of the woman. However, there are other symptoms that are more common in younger women with low estrogen levels, including not being able to menstruate, an inability to conceive, and delayed development.

There are many causes for low estrogen including lifestyle habits, metabolic problems, and genetic conditions.

Causes of Low Estrogen

Women who compete in certain sports often have low estrogen levels because of their need for intensive training. The main symptoms in women who exercise excessively are called the female athlete triad and include bone loss; disordered eating, usually restrictive eating; and menstrual problems.

Competitive gymnasts, figure skaters, divers, swimmers, ballerinas, and long distance runners can suffer from the female athlete triad.

Restrictive Dieting

Women who severely restrict their calorie and fat intake, especially before the onset of their menstrual cycle, can lower their levels of estrogen. Cholesterol, which is a fat, is vital to the structure of all hormones, which includes estrogen.

When a pre-menstrual woman has body fat below 22%, the hypothalamus and pituitary may not be triggered to communicate with the ovaries. The ovaries are responsible for producing estrogen so if the ovaries are not stimulated, then estrogen production will not start or may suddenly stop.

Genetic History

For some women, their low estrogen levels are caused by a hereditary condition caused Turner’s Syndrome. This condition causes the ovaries to not develop normally, so a woman with this condition may be short of stature, her body may not develop normally, and she may not ovulate or menstruate.

Treating Low Estrogen

To properly treat low estrogen, the cause of the problem needs to be determined. Younger women who are not athletes, who don’t have a family history of Turner’s syndrome, or who don’t restrict their fat or calorie intake need to be evaluated by a doctor.

For competitive athletes, once they stop training or restricting their diets, their estrogen levels will naturally return to normal. However, many women may need to boost their estrogen levels by taking replacement estrogen. EstroGem offers a natural estrogen supplement for women to help raise this hormone level.

Older women who are going through menopause may also be prescribed replacement estrogen to help ease symptoms of moodiness, depression, hot flashes, and forgetfulness. However, it is important to see a doctor to identify the cause of low estrogen levels if you have any of the symptoms associated with this issue. He or she can help treat low estrogen with replacement hormones or suggest lifestyle changes that will help as well.