There are many people who have found that love is hurtful and can cost a lot with regards to a broken heart. However, even true love can have costs – financial costs.

These costs have been calculated by Rate Supermarket. They have worked out that over two years – from first day to wedding, an average couple will spend $43,842.08. This includes dates, engagement, holidays and the weddings. They even included the cost of buying flowers by way of an apology three times a year!

These figures may be rather fictional but they do highlight that a relationship can be expensive. Some of these costs, such as short breaks and holidays may be applicable to a single person as well, but the cost of the dates, engagement party and wedding, certainly would not be.

This can seem a small price to pay for love, especially for those who have not yet found the perfect partner and would like one. However, it is important that couples make sure that they do keep a close eye on what they are spending.

The president of Rate Supermarket, Kelvin Mangaroo explained that many breakups are blamed on financial differences. This may not, of course, be to do with the cost of the relationship, but if both partners are not agreed on how much should be spent and who should be paying for things, then it could lead to trouble.

Money can be a very touchy subject for some people and some couples do avoid discussing it. However, being open about spending can be much healthier. Making sure that you are honest about what you are spending and how much things cost will really help. Making sure there is enough money to pay the bills before luxuries are bought, is also a good way of managing money.

The first few years of a relationship can be difficult enough. This is because you are getting to know one another and getting used to each other’s habits and ways. You can easily upset each other by saying something that they do not agree with. This could be about anything but it is common for it to be about money.

People do have different views about money. Some save all of their spare money and others spend it, some people pay everything in time other leave them until they get final demands. Some spend lots of money, some spend very little. Unless you can come to an agreement with regards to spending, it can become very difficult when you have to live together. Once you have to share expenses then it can be difficult to manage if you cannot agree on who is going to pay for what and when you make the relevant payments. This is why it is so important to talk about money early on in a relationship and it will hopefully not lead to problems in the future. Making sure you are compatible is so important and money is one of those ways that you could be matched or not matched and so it is something that you should be aware of.

Chris is a finance blogger and writes for many websites. The article on the financial aspect of calculating love is among one of his favorite reads.