Rate Supermarket has completed a study which has shown that a relationship can cost $43,842.08. This is worked out based on a two year romance from first date to wedding, but is it worth it?

People, who have had a successful relationship, will claim that it is very much worth the money. They will know how secure it can feel to be in a relationship and part of a unit. They will feel that this relationship is priceless and they would be willing to pay a lot more for it.

However, those people who have spent this much money on a relationship for it to not turn out well, will not agree. They will feel that the money could have been much better spent on other things or saved up for the future. They will not have felt that the money was well spent at all.

However, it is important to not think too hard about that money. There must have been some happy times, when you enjoyed the things that the money bought. You must have been on some dates or holidays that you really enjoyed and had some experiences that you liked. Just because you are no longer in that relationship, it does not mean that you should regret everything about it.

It is understandable that you might regret the cost of the apology flowers you bought to make things up after rows or perhaps the cost of things that you did not like, but it is likely that most of the time you enjoyed it. You probably also learnt some important life lessons during the relationship and they could have been worth money as well.

You may have learned how to pick a better partner or how to communicate better with the opposite sex. You may have learned what important things you need to find out about them before you get too serious. Many couples break up because they do not talk about money and therefore differ in their opinions. Not being compatible with regards to this can lead to problems later on that may be the cause of the break up. This is why it is so important to talk about this as well as other things.

These figures can lead people to thinking that they should be frugal in a relationship, just in case things do not work out. This does not give a good message to their partner though. However, it can be sensible to be frugal anyway because, whether you stay together or not having some extra money is always useful. Getting the balance between enjoying yourself and making sure that you are not wasting money can be difficult to perfect. However, if you get used to spending less, then when you do have treats they will feel even more special than if you do not. You may also get really experienced at hunting for bargains that will not mean you go without but will allow you to get better value for money.

Jack writes on relationships and the economical part of it. The real calculation of a relationship in money, based on true surveys, is his recent read and he recommends it to everyone. Check out this article here – http://www.ipick.ca/pick/138060/how-much-does-falling-in-love-take-out-of-your-bank-account/