Those living in Georgia are paying more money for the health insurance than any other place in the nation through a newly created online market place by the federal health law.  The other two places where people have to pay for higher health insurance are Colorado’s mountain resort areas around Aspen and Vail.

The insurance broker of Lee Mullin’s, David Hardin, said that they are not happy with the treatment. There are various factors that come together to push up the premium in this area. One of the reasons is the health conditions. The quarter of people from this region are suffering from expensive health disorders like cancer and obesity. There is only one hospital in this area which leaves no space for competition. There is only one insurer who is offering online policies plus many physicians are not participating which means consumers have limited choice.

Till the time these factors are controlled, it is hard for the Affordable Care Act to prove its name, not only in this area but other regions too where people are paying high premium. The other places where people are paying high premium includes rural Nevada, most of Wyoming, parts of Wisconsin, southwestern Connecticut, southeastern Mississippi, and Alaska.

These are the areas where government subsidies are protecting people by low or moderate incomes. For instance if a flower shop owner, Randy Gray, has to pay only $32 per month then around $805 is being picked up by the taxpayers.

However, those who are earning enough to qualify for the federal monetary help have to pay overwhelming premium. For instance, if a 60-year old is earning around $47,000 in a place like Albany, then would have to pay at least a quarter of his income for the mid-level policy. This is the level which is bought by most of the consumers.

Though, some of the low earners are balking. For instance, a pottery shop owner, Stacie Brown, if opt for the cheapest plan, called ‘Bronze’ would have to pay at least $300 per month for her husband and son. Though, she won’t be paying medical bill until it exceeds $6,300 individually. The cheap ‘Silver’ plan will cost at least $508 per month and would not be paid until the bill is exceeded to $3000 individually. In Stacie’s case, her son’s pediatrician is not in the network, and she felt to use this medical service.

The regions with the lowest premium are around Minneapolis. This region is the region which is called as the healthiest population. Though, there are other parts of the nation which faces similar challenges when it comes to health such as southern Georgia. Maximum insurance broker and people blame high premium for the expanding Phoebe Putney Health System; which is a nonprofit organization. This is group runs around six hospitals in the region.