Fusion x64 TIFF FileIn 2009 filmmaker James Cameron stunned the world with his groundbreaking film ‘Avatar’ in which our real organic world blends with a virtual reality existence to create a solo universe. With the aid of Weta Digital, ‘Avatar’ displays scenes in which scientists utilize augmented reality applications while researching a virtual world that fuses with their own. In essence, it is a science fiction version of Shakespeare’s “play within a play”. But this technology is not just reserved to fictional concepts in modern storytelling. This technology exists, and it is revolutionizing the way we interact with the world around us. Continue reading to learn how and where it can be accessed and made our own.


Gaming is a massive market. Every year game developers fight to push their product to new and improved platforms. Today gamers are enjoying augmented reality games that allow the real world to become a part of the game itself. This is possible due to certain software platforms that give developers the ability to design and create compelling and captivating experiences that have gamers hooked like a drug dependency. The best software platforms allow developers to offer computer-vision technology that lets them create stunning special effects on mobile devices. This is important due to the simple fact that mobile gaming has exploded through the roof. In fact, according to mobile gaming statistics, the average media web user consumes 7.2 hours of media a day and 45 percent of App sessions on Smartphones are games.

The best software platforms will grant simultaneous recognition of multiple images with advance tracking and detection. This will allow the game to work in real time with the user’s physical world. Finally, having an expansive and flexible image database will enhance the experience thus making augmented reality a powerful fuel source for gaming addiction.

Mobile development

Augmented reality and mobile app development go hand-in-hand, be it for gaming or marketing purposes. The best mobile app development gives the tools and platform to create stunning mobile experiences that will thrill the market. Having the right software and hardware is crucial if developers expect to use their augmented reality creations to reach a global market.

Companies have begun to see the appeal that this technology has on their consumers, and the most innovative brands are using augmented reality to market their products and services. At the end of the day it gives users a chance to relate to the product on a whole new level in which they feel more engaged and connected. This heightens their interest in the product, and as a result the brand gains new customers. After all, who wants to go to an online catalogue when there is an option to engage with 3D images of the products that jump out from the pages?

Looking ahead

We may be hundreds of years away from walking into a virtual world and interacting with tall, blue creatures in loin clothes. But augmented reality through pop culture has shown us that the possibilities are endless. Do a little online research. Find an app developer and a good software platform and see if your imagination can compete with Cameron’s.

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