How Augmented Reality Can Boost Business GrowthAs technology advances, so too does the demand for digital marketing. With the vast improvements being made to Smartphone technology, consumers use their phones to access the Internet more than they use their home computers. And to get a good idea as to how many Americans are engaging in the mobile Internet, one should turn to to get statistics that will help them in marketing to Smartphone users. According to this data, there are over 900 million mobile Internet users in the country, and these numbers provide businesses with a massive audience to which they can market their products and services.

So if every energetic entrepreneur is developing apps and trying to promote their brand in creative and innovative ways, business growth demands bigger and better technology to reach the millions of mobile users who are looking for the next big thing. Continue reading to learn about augmented reality and how this technology can be used for marketing purposes.

What is Augmented Reality?

The digital science known as augmented reality (AR) is a new emerging type of technology that opens users to the people and places around them in real time. It may sound like the newest science fiction movie to hit cinemas, but rather it is technology that is revolutionizing Smartphone applications and providing users with a wealth of benefits. AR changes the user’s view of the world by merging our natural environmental surroundings with digital media.

Who is using this Technology, and how?

AR is practical for any business that wants to be more cutting-edge in the way they view and interact with their customer base via mobile devices. For example, the UK supermarket giant Tesco embraced augmented reality and marketing into the same package to promote their company with the release of the mega Hollywood film ‘Iron Man 3’. Shoppers are able to download the app and then scan in-store signage revealing an augmented reality version of Iron Man. Users can take photos of themselves wearing his armor and the app permits people to share their photos via social media. Not only are users promoting the film, they are sharing Tesco with a large sphere of influence.


When searching for a company make sure their mobile app development offers the tools and responses needed to create interactive and exceptional user experiences. These tools should help businesses stretch their global reach to multiple markets and be user-friendly for all major mobile devices. The tools should also be easy to use and require simplistic strokes that create larger than life results on the consumer conscious.

Any Business can benefit 

Let’s face it; people are obsessed with their Smartphones. If a business can present consumers with a fun, interactive app, revenue will go up. For example, a physical therapist can use a 4D image of a human body in an app to educate and track his patients. A ski resort can offer interactive images of the ski runs. Clothing retailers can grant shoppers the ability to picture themselves in the outfits without actually taking the time to try them on.

This technology is just the beginning of something big that is sweeping the face of digital media and marketing. Do some research and embrace this powerful tool. Your customers will love it.

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