A Smart Move for Start Up EntrepreneursOne of the greatest challenges that new entrepreneurs face is in getting their name out in the world. Marketing and networking are a given and consume the syllabus of any year-one business school. But one thing that is seldom taught (if at all) is how to network with ones peers to promote your products and services while engaging in acts for the greater good. By searching the web for research projects or non-profit programs, entrepreneurs can lend their expertise to the market while making a difference in the world. Continue reading to discover just how this is accomplished.

Global good

A prime example of entrepreneurs coming together can be studied via the semester at sea launched by Unreasonable at Sea (UAS) that gathered top mentors and innovative entrepreneurs, put them on a boat, and cruised the world to help solve problems. Entrepreneurs benefited greatly, as they learned how to refine their products to serve in-demand special needs. They also learned how to scale their operations to accommodate the global market.

It starts with research

Opportunities in which entrepreneurs can lend their problem-solving skills while trouble-shooting their own products is a win/win. But finding an organization or corporation that is searching for eager minds can be a daunting, time-involved process. However, by knowing where and how to search, you will be saving lots of time.

Universities are great places to start. Simply create a general letter that specifies your industry and your desire to contribute to a global project. Ask if the department is currently engaged and/or funding such a project and if they can point you in the right direction. University studies are bonded with close networking from institutes around the world and offer a wealth of resources.

The search engines can help, if you know how to work them. For example, let’s say you are developing arterial stents and want to travel with a medical research team. By typing the field into the search engines and a few keywords, you can find resources quickly and easily. For example someone in this situation may type this: global cardiac research “volunteer”.

Another option is to research the mobile-based emerging technologies that will help launch your product to new heights of success. Furthermore, some technologies may underscore the fundaments of your own research and offer facets with multiple sources for working within global needs.

How are entrepreneurs tapping into this?

UAS invited Moshe Zilversmit and Peter Uede, co-founders of the U.S. based Evotech to join their floating research base. These entrepreneurs engineered a laptop powered endoscopy system for developing markets. Thanks to their endeavors the devices are being used in women’s clinics in Uganda. By contributing to programs such as this one, these entrepreneurs were able to launch their product to a special market while learning how to scale it and make improvements discovered from practical use. After this successful move the partners are making plans to connect with physicians in India and Myanmar.

Finding a fit

Your product likely serves multiple marketing avenues. Discover what they are and search for an applicable project that you can apply to for contributions. Not only will you be making a difference in the world, you will be further developing your product in a practical, global market place.

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