Lemon is a popular fruit that is used widely for culinary purposes, a common ingredient in salad dressings and pastries. Lemon is also used in garnishing dishes and of coursea famous add on to most beverages.

Lemon as a fruit contains high amount of Vitamin C which gives lemon its unique characteristic that protects your body from infections. Lemon has properties that strengthens your immune system and helps you fight against sickness. Lemon is also a rich source of B-vitamins, fiber, potassium, iron, magnesium and calcium, so when combined with water which is a very good hydrating and cleansing agent will help maximize the benefits that you can get from lemons.

Here are some of the Health benefits of Drinking Lemon Water Regularly in the Morning:

Lemon Water is a Good Detoxifying Agent

Drinking lemon water, detoxifies your body byflushing away the toxins from your body. These toxins must be eliminated in your body to promote healthy digestion and overall well-being by increasing the bile production in the liver. Drinking lemon water on a regular basis prevents you from having constipation giving you a smooth bowel flow.Also, lemon water has a mild diuretic effect that allows you to urinate often for waste removal. Making you feel lighter and healthier inside and out.

Lemon Water Aids in Weight Loss

Because of the fiber (pectin) content of lemons, drinking lemon water gives youa feeling of fullness. With that, it prevents you to crave for food and makes you cut those portions that you normally consume. Also, lemon water has negligible amount calories as compared to other beverages that contain high amount of calories from sugar like sodas and sweetened juices.

Lemon Water Promotes Healthy Skin

According to experts, lemon water contains alkalizing properties that cleans your blood and the whole system by balancing the pH level and making it less acidic. Because of this, lemon water has proven a good anti-aging agent that keeps the blood cells healthy making your skinglow, wrinkle-free, hydrated, and well nourished.

Lemon Water Promotes Healthy Heart and Nerves

Since lemon water contains good amount of potassium, it can greatly help in the proper functioning of your heart, and nervous system. Hence, reducing your risk for having heart disease and stroke.

Lemon Water Soothes your Stomach

Aside from aiding in the digestion process, lemon water also has properties that can help prevent the signs of indigestion or dyspepsia which includes bloating, belching, nausea, vomiting, and heartburn.

Lemon Water Prevents Inflammation

Because of the alkalizing effect of lemon water, it can help in reducing the acidity level of the body. Inflammation of the body parts is often caused by an acidic environment. Lemon water prevent joint pains or arthritis by flushing out the uric acid from the body.

Lemon Water Improves your Mood and gives you Energy

The scent of lemon yields a natural relaxant that helps you have a good mood towards the day. Moreover, because of the water and fiber in lemon, it makes you feel refreshed, alive, and productive throughout the day.

With a number of lemon water’s benefits to your body, it is no doubt a great way to start your mornings. But remember, it is equally important to maintain a healthy diet to be able to achieve optimum health.

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