Open heart surgery is deemed to be a form of surgery where you cut open the heart. Then the surgery is performed on the muscles along with the valves of the heart. You can go on to refer to it as a heart surgery in India. It will not surprise you that heart surgery cost in India ranks to be lowest in the world. This is taking into consideration the evolution of quality doctors who are part of the elite hospitals in the country.

Open heart Surgery

The Preparation

You need to inform the doctor about the medicines you are into. This needs to include the over the counter medicines, or herbal supplements as well. Do convey to them if you have any illness, cold or flu as well. Before leading up to the surgery the doctor may advise you to stop smoking and at the same time ask you to stop blood-thinning medicines. Before you go for the surgery it is better to discuss with your doctor about alcohol consumption. In case if you are used to having a couple of drinks before the surgery, then you need to stop there for the time being. This could lead to a host of life-threatening complications in the form of seizures or fists. The doctor is likely to help you with alcohol withdrawal so as to reduce the complications.

Before the day the surgery is over, the area needs to be washed with a surgical soap. What it does is that it would go on to kill the bacteria on the skin and it means that no infection after the surgery is witnessed. You are asked not to eat anything or drink before the surgery takes place. The doctor is going to guide you when to arrive at the hospital for the surgery.

After The Surgery

Once the surgery is over, you are likely to face 2 or 3 tubes in your chest. The objective would be to drain the fluid that is present in the region around your heart. The chances are that a heart monitoring machine may be attached to you as well. If any problem arises nurses are there to help you as well. The first night you are likely to spend in the ICU and then moved over to the regular room in the next 3 to 5 days.


You need to take care of yourself after the surgery. The area of incision needs to be kept dry and warm. Before you touch the area you would need to wash your hands. If you feel so you can take a shower, but that should not be more than 30 minutes and that too with warm water as well. Make it a point that the incision does not hit the hot water directly.

At the same time, pain management also ceases to be important. For sure the speed of recovery will be enhanced and chances of serious complications are going to reduce. The doctor is going to discuss things with you.