Computer networking has become one of the most important and essential means when it comes to communication. Not only communication, networking gas other implications as well. There were days, when data had to be shared manually, which were a time consuming process and there were chances of lots errors which could cause in data loss r damage. With the advent of networking, not only the process of data sharing has become more reliable and easy; at the same time, networking can be effectively used when it comes to sharing other kinds of resources. You can get some useful details on networking at

Today, the world has become a global village. You can get access to an individual or a hardware resource located at any part of the world. This has made the process of communication and resource sharing more easy and efficient. Today, the entire world runs on networking. The air line ticket which you buy from the comfort of your home is possible because of high level and sophisticated networking mechanism. In the following section of the article, you will be offered a brief insight into some of the basic aspects of networking

What are the Benefits of Networking?

Talking about the benefits of networking, they are immense. Be it corporate or government sector or even your personal life; these days, everything is dependent on networking. Here are a couple of benefits of networking which have made it absolutely indispensible

  • Communication: This is one of the most important benefits which is being yielded by networking. These days, it is possible to communicate with any one sitting at any corner of the world. Earlier, this process of communication was limited over text, then gradually a more advanced form was introduced and voice communication was introduced. Today, thanks to modern networking, you can have a video chat with someone located at any part of the world.
  • Resource Sharing: The main idea of networking was to help people share resources among each other. With the help of networking you can share the same printer among 50 different users in a building. Not only that, if you wish to access a device located in some distant location, that can also be achieved with the help of networking
  • Cost Efficient: The fact that resources can be shared with the help of networking, it has helped the companies to cut down on their operational costs
  • Increased Efficiency: The fact that networking has added an extra dimension to the process of communication and data sharing has helped to increase the efficiency of work

Types of Networking

There are 3 different types of networking concept

  • LAN: Local Area Network (LAN), is confined within a certain area or a locality
  • MAN: Metropolitan Area Network (MAN), this concept goes beyond a certain locality
  • WAN: Wide Area Network (WAN), this is about global networking. The best example of WAN is the internet

There are various other aspects of networking which has made it one of the most important things in our lives. For more details on networking, visit