Money is an essential part of a human’s life as it brings the survival. The survival of mankind is possible only if he or she has money. A reputed living and a good place in the society is possible if a person earns for his living. There are various ways in which a person can make money. One just needs to find out the difference between ethical and non- ethical means. There are several ways to make money online as well. Though the amount is not that big as a month’s salary can be but then it is not negligible as well.

Specially, for the school and college going girls and boys, the ways to make money online can serve as a nice way to earn the pocket money and then they will not have to depend on their parents for the monthly expenditure. It is a well-known fact that people now have forgotten the ordinary phone and have started using smart phones. Almost every one now can be spotted with a smart phone in hand. The android phones help one in making money online.

There are various apps that have been designed under the android platform that helps people in earning online credits and use them online. Be it a recharge or a game or app installation or net pack recharge. One can get them done by earning money online. Installing an app such as wild wallet or some other money earning apps and then completing some offers given in that can make one earn easy credits and then that credits can be transformed in to cash using the pay pal app. After this the person or the user can share this app with his or her friend and as soon as he does so he or she gets 200 points extra for sharing.