Recognizing the benefits of enterprise software

Computers don’t replace workers, but they can certainly make their jobs easier. As a result, businesses around the world are embracing all the benefits that enterprise software solutions have to offer.

Enterprise software is designed to alleviate employees’ work load by automating certain business processes (like accounting) and by providing an interface for workers to carry out business operations. According to Acclaim Data Systems, enterprise software solutions allow for:

  • More efficient data management.
  • Improved customer support, which is due to the ease with which information can be retrieved and provided to customers.
  • Scaling up or scaling down, so that is always matches your business’s needs.
  • Smoother integration of new services such as cloud compatibility and social media.

Australia’s enterprise software market is set for rapid growth 

Businesses in the Asia-Pacific region are particularly aware of the benefits provided by enterprise software solutions, and this is reflected in the increasing rate of software implementation. In fact, forecasters believe that the industry will experience a significant increase in revenue over the next few years.

China is expected to lead the way in the region with an expected compound annual growth rate of 13.91% between 2009 and 2016. It leads the enterprise software market in 2012, with Australia hot on its heels. South Korea and India also feature strongly (

The fact that Australia can go toe-to-toe with a country as big as China, with its considerable resources and rapidly growing digital economy is impressive enough. The fact that it stands above India (an emerging IT powerhouse) and South Korea (Seoul is frequently named the broadband capital of the world) is even more so.

What’s more, Australia is set to benefit indirectly from the increasing demand for enterprise software in China and India. As business management systems in these countries become more efficient, and as they seek to expand their investment opportunities, Australia’s geographic proximity means that its mining and agricultural sectors can expect a boost. What’s more, demand is expected to outstrip supply, which means that China and India could turn to Australia’s software market to meet their needs.

In short, the future looks bright for any looking to pursue a career in the enterprise software business, and since software vendors such as MYOB cater to organizations across multiple industries, there’ll be no shortage of job opportunities (in Australia and abroad) for those with the necessary skills.

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Matthew Flax writes for Now Learning, an education portal that promotes a range of TAFE courses in Australia, including MYOB courses and business management diplomas.