The procedure of everything today is not easy to crack. Even companies have started working on their recruitment procedures. If you are running a business, it is time that you look into your recruitment procedures. You need to strengthen it with the best options. You can make sure that the investment of time, money and efforts in the recruitment procedures reap you the best fruits.

Introduce Pre-employment Tests

It is high time you introduce pre-employment tests in your business. You can take the best candidates only if you have the powerful recruitment arrangements to test them. While interviews and resumes have always been powerful tools of evaluating the applicants; add up pre-employment tests to screen the depths of the applicants gathered in the recruitment procedure. These tests make sure only the capable and eligible people make it to the job.

There are various types of pre-employment tests available in the industry.  You can pick tests like aptitude tests, Logical reasoning test, psychometric tests and so on. These tests make sure that the candidate gets vetted in the finest way. Talking specifically about the technical areas, it gets important that you analyse the mental ability of the candidates. Here a logical test can be an apt option for screening.

What are logical tests?

These Logical tests might be employed by various companies and firms as a part of their assessment centres or recruitment drives along with other kinds of tests and exercises.  If the job positions in your organization need the employees to have brilliant logical judgment and decision-making adroitness to deal with diverse work situations; you must go for this test. The logical tests might be particularly being designed to high point the extent of these capabilities needed for the job position and pick the applicant who is most suitable for the job.

Logical reasoning test

Logical tests generally made up of sets of numbers, figures, words or diagrams that trail a given sequence coupled with another set of likely answer choices. You are needed to recognize the pattern and its flow amidst the given figures and decide the one that is going to fit into the sequence in a perfect manner from the given answer choices.

The performance of the candidates in a logical reasoning test might rely on their logical, analytical and their decision-making skills. Knowledge is crucial but it plays a slighter role in those tests, as compared to other examinations comprised in the recruitment drive. The performance of the candidates will determine where they stand and where they lack. On the basis of their performance, you can pick the ones that sound suitable for your business roles. If you think that people can make guesses in the test then you are wrong. These tests are simple yet tricky. If anybody comes up with guess work; they might be hitting their own feet with an axe. It is important to have reasoning skills so as to pass these tests effectively.

Impartial Results

Many people are of the opinion that these tests might generate partial results or incorrect results. The answer to their opinion would be the design of the test. Yes, when you, as a recruiter, decides to include a test in your recruitment procedure, you do proper analyses right? Only after a proper knowledge of the test you introduce it in the recruitment procedure. Moreover, these tests are designed by professionals who have proper knowledge in the sector.

Since the test is same for everybody, the chance of partiality does not arise. Nobody can trick with the test because everybody goes through the same sets of questions. Whoever performs well attains a position in the next stage of recruitment. Not even the recruiter team can do anything in the result of this test. On the basis of the result of this test you can decide which candidate should be short listed for the next level.

No extra burden

If you think that introducing a pre-employment test would be like an additional burden on your recruitment team then you are mistaken. It would rather clear the path for them. They would be sure that the candidates they have short listed are worth having. There would be no doubts about their logical calibre. Since they have gone through a logical procedure, there won’t be any type of misgivings.

Similarly, being a part of recruitment teat, you would not have to learn any extra sets of skills. You just have to implement the tests and that is all. There are no extra efforts required. It is not that you have to go deep into the concepts of logical concepts.  You would just supervise the test and results will be there for you without any effort. On the basis of the logical performance of the candidates, you can short list them for the next level of recruitment drive. Only the cream out of the candidates will go to the next level of interview.  In this way, even the time of the interviewers will be saved. They would only have to take interview of people who are already short listed.

Interview & Resume

The tests would prove helpful for the interview and resume session because only the best candidates will make it to this stage. It would be much more exciting to test and analyse the capable people than to reject a bunch of people who reached this level without much effort. The point is that since only the successful reasoning test givers will be qualified for the interview; there would be good competition in the interview level

Thus, when are you opting for pre-employment tests like logical test?  Pick the best candidates with these tests!