The UV Gel Nail Polish has gained immense popularity with women who had to go to salons and nail bars on a frequent basis. Women try to stretch their manicures for as long as possible so that they get the value for the money they have paid to get done with the procedure. Also, there is a very tight schedule that they have to follow if they are working women. The regular nail lacquer takes a little more time to dry out even with the new brands that claim that they get dry in around 15 seconds or less than that. 


A UV gel nail polish requires a nail curing lamp to set things up, but once things get done, there is no drying time needed, making things exactly in accordance with what women want who have busy lives and don’t have enough time to get regular salon visits. 


The UV gel nail polish

Like the traditional nail lacquer that is sold in different stores and is used at salons and different nail bars, the UV gel nail polish comes in different color variations and is applied with the help of a brush. You can find the brush inside the bottles as well, but some brands sell the polish in small-sized pots which are supposed to be applied using a brush that comes with a handled brush which you have to buy separately. You can apply both types of polish using thin coats, UV gel polish has to be added between each coat before a new one is painted over it. A nail curing lamp is needed to cure the gel polish




It requires less time when applied and stays on the nail without chipping out, even when they are exposed regularly to soap water and hard cremes. The client does not have to wait until it dries out even if you wash your hands. 




One of the biggest disadvantages of using the UV gel nail polish is the cost that is incurred on the application. This includes the application required for visiting a salon and getting a nail technician to apply the polish. This has changed a bit as the gel polish is available to purchase for use at home. 



Another disadvantage of this polish is the amount of time consumed to remove it from the nails is too much. It cannot be removed using a regular nail polish remover. It uses acetone-based remover that is applied to the nail by soaking it in cotton wool. Before you place that on the nail bed and wrap it with foil or soaking the fingers in acetone in a nail bowl. The soak-off process can take around 15 to 20 minutes and you can do it home anytime. 



If your nails grow out again at very rapidly you might have to increase the frequency of applying the UV polish.


You can mitigate the likelihood of all these disadvantages but if you will not apply the removal of the gel, it can damage your nails