Jewelry often has an immense value to us and we should take care of it carefully. It means we should be careful not to lose it, while cleaning it regularly. Jewelry could be our most expensive accessories and we buy them due to their values, longevity and beauty. The shine and luster of gems and the gleam of metal should add impressive appeal to our aesthetics. The better our jewelry, the more we want to wear it. Some finishes and metals can develop interesting warm patina with wear and tear.

We often purchase more expensive, high quality models; but they can still be dull, gouged and scratched if we don’t take care of them. Although unfortunate accidents may happen, jewelry is more likely to get damaged due to our carelessness. We may neglect the importance of caring for our jewelry. Because jewelry can last a very long time, all we need to do is only to be careful. However, some jewelry can be fragile, absorbent and soft; we need to have a special care.

Harder gems have higher Mohs scale of hardness and they are usually more durable. However, hard gem with distinct cleavage and shape can cleave or break more easily if struck at specific angles. In this case, we shouldn’t equate hardness with durability and toughness. Tough gems can still break to smaller pieces if we choose wrong designs and treat them poorly. Specific characteristics could define who we should clean, wear and store our jewelry.

Metals also have specific characteristics. Purer gold and silver are softer and can be scratched more easily. In this case, it is a good idea to choose jewelry products that contain specific amount of lesser metals that can add durability.

Caring for our jewelry is also about keeping it safe from thieves and burglars. We should know the most appropriate time to wear them and put them away for safekeeping when needed. All effort we spend on cleaning and maintaining our jewelry won’t matter if we lose it. We should take multiple precautionary steps to make sure we don’t lose our valuable jewelry. More expensive jewelry can be ensured, while cheaper ones can be kept in the safe and other secure locations.

As an example, rings are thye type of jewelry that lost easily due to our carelessness. They can be removed easily from our fingers compared to earrings, bracelets, necklaces and pins. While it is a good idea to put our jewelry in specific box for safekeeping, we should avoid jumbling them all together. Some jewelry could have diamonds or other hard gems with sharp edges that can scratch other jewelries. Good jewelry box contain tiny slots where we can put individual pieces.

In general, we should take appropriate steps to protect our jewelry. In some cases, they are our best assets and need to be protected well. There are things we should do to protect them well, so we stay away from methods that can ruin our jewelry.

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