Sometimes in homes, we always start complaining that there are no extra storage places to adjust ample of stuff. But there are some open storage places which are already present but we overlook them. It’s not necessary that these places must be some room. But these could be small and narrow places or corner which look pleasant when filled up with some useful material. If that place is under the staircase then I think it must be utilized instead of empty area. So after the full revamping of my home, I thought to ornament the place under staircase. If you follow some simple and creative techniques then you can make the place awe striking for neighbors and guests.

Kids’ Corner:

If the place under staircase is spacious then it is easily utilize for kids’ corner room. The space under my living room stair case was quite enough to adjust small couch and some necessary stuff for kid’s study. So first of all I bought a small sized white couch, because the staircase and walls were pure white in color so if you will apply same colors for all things then it would look quite fruitful. After that I placed a small book shelf at the corner of staircase wall and added some study related pictures and notes. For further beautification, I thought to add kids’ photos to canvas and hanged up the item exactly beneath the staircase wall. This was the perfect addition for under staircase decoration. If you want further beautification then you can add stylish rugs at that particular area. Then I thought to divide the space from my living room, so I added a transparent room divider between living room and under staircase.

Update The Small Place Under Staircase

Small Book Case:

I have generally observed that mostly people prefer to install small book case under the stairs which also look quite decent. I am also a bookish person, so then I thought to install small book case under the stairs which were going up above the balcony. That was a simple book case made up of wood. I decently organized my books on its open shelves and added a small couch for convenient study.


Constructing a cube shape wall under the stairs create astonishing look. It was beautiful and attractive cube shape wall which was meant for adjusting extra house hold items or decorative pieces. So I adjusted the back cube spaces with some utensils and filled the front empty spaces of cubes with decorative art pieces. Now there were more than 10 cubes, so after adjustment of items some cubes left empty so I thought to add some photos to fill the place. Then I sorted out our previous family trip photos and preserve the photos on cheap canvas prints which were managed according to the cube sizes. That was looking quite unique and adorable. Small candle stands for cube decoration also look enchanting, especially when they lighted at night time.


Some up to date and industrialist families prefer to fill the under staircase area by making small bars. These bars are well equipped with all kinds of champagnes and bears, my friend suggested me to create that style for my 3rd floor. Then I brighten up the bar counter with fabulous ambient lights which were creating extremely glaring look.

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