Clutter makes a space feel dirtier and less comfortable, even if the home is truly clean and appointed with comfortable furnishings. Get rid of clutter for a more relaxed home environment. Here are things you can do right away.

6 Small Changes You Can Make In Your Home To Help It Feel Less Cluttered

Rearrange the Furniture

Arrange your furniture carefully and don’t crowd a room. Too often, furniture is forced into a space it isn’t well suited to and it gives the illusion of a cluttered space. Make sure there are clear pathways around or through sitting areas and remove extraneous furniture and decor features, such as mismatched end tables and bulky floor lamps.

Add Smart Storage Features

Space-saving items such as ottomans with a hidden compartment, extra shelving or credenzas give you places to put those miscellaneous items, such as the television remote, your car keys, note pads and other items that tend to end up on the coffee table, kitchen table or other visible areas.

Get New Windows

Old windows with heavy frames or lattice have more of an impact on a home’s ambience than you might think. Open up the space and reduce the cramped and cluttered feeling by purchasing new windows from Window Planet with updated frames.

Remove Items from Countertops

Designate shelf or drawer space for items you use only occasionally, such as waffle makers and cooking oils. Cookware and spices should all have their own racks or storage space to keep them up off counters. Even if you use items daily, keeping them on the kitchen counters adds to the feeling of clutter.

Organize Closet Space

Keeping items put out of sight, behind closed doors, is one of the best ways to make a home feel less cluttered. Closets are one of the most convenient storage areas of many homes, but only if they are designed well for this purpose. What often ends up happening is people use it as emergency storage for when guests are coming, and items end up tossed haphazardly on the closet floor. Add shelves, hanging hooks and plastic totes to closets to keep things tidier both inside and outside of the closets.

Cut Down on Patterned Decor

Patterned rugs, curtains and upholstery can be beautiful, but they also add visual noise. One very easy and quick way to cut down on the feeling of clutter in the home is to reduce this visual noise. Keep patterns to a minimum. Choose only your favorite patterned items and replace all others with solid colors and smooth textures.

Each time you make a change that reduces clutter, reassess how your home feels. As you progress, you will notice items or features you hadn’t noticed before that adds to a cluttered feeling. It might seem that the process is never-ending at times, but soon you will step back and find that your home has transformed into your desired haven.