A business trip is a caravan of meetings, presentations, dinners. How much time do you have for learning the city? Austin has much to offer! Luckily, you can take a vehicle from Enterprise rent a car in Bastrop TX and go to the center. Kimpton Van Zandt Hotel is waiting for you surrounded by many interesting places. Moreover, it doesn’t take much time to get from one place to another. You can see the most popular city attractions and back to your meeting in the shortest terms.

How much time do you have?

5 hours

2 hours

Don’t worry!

After long hours of just seeing airports, hotels, corporate parks, restaurants, and bars you have a right to make your business trip more interesting and useful. Here are 8 of the top things you must do in Austin, when you only have about 5 hours to spare.



  1. Try Local Beer

So, your business dinner has finished. What are you going to do now? Let’s organize priorities. If you stay in Van Zandt or somewhere in the center, just walk around. The district you are walking through is full of old historical buildings that are used like old-fashioned pubs now. You can find a lot of worthy places to try one of the most popular local delicacies – local beer. Pay attention to the Craft Pride. This is the best place that serves Texas beer. You can ask for 5 different sorts of beer from different pubs. It must be interesting.

  1. Try Some Local Culture

It takes you a little time to visit the Blanton Museum of Culture that is situated not far from the campus of Texas University. There is also a Cultural Center right here. Two gallery halls welcome you with their spinning exhibits of local and national artists. You can see it for free.

  1. Stay Close with Nature

You should know that there is a special road that connects central hotels with all popular nature spots. The Ann and Roy Butler Hike and Bike Trail takes you to the Lady Bird Lake. Make a stop here to drink some coffee and admire the most beautiful views. It’s becoming dark. Go to the Congress Ave to see the bats flight under the local bridge.

Town Lake Trail Bridge, Austin TX


  1. Try Tac-o the Town

If you are not very much tired from business talks and dinners, you may go down the street for a couple of minutes to find Veracruz All Natural food truck. You will be surprised of their fish plate and taco.

  1. Make Coffee Stop

Do you like coffee? If you really like it, you are in the perfect place to try different coffee sorts. You should go to the Flat Track Coffee. This is a very atmospheric place with a white walls and big terrace. If you want to try something new and interesting you can order a coffee cocktail.

  1. Relax!

If you want to relax in the water you can run a boat along the San Marcos River. There is a possibility to take a short excursion with simple snacks and drinks. If you want, you can take a guide and pick the best and the most interesting river route for you.



  1. Taste Austin!

Austin is full of interesting boutiques, eateries, music places. The brightest of them you can find on the South Congress Avenue or in SoCo district. It is enough to spend a couple of hours to walk here and have a look at the city culture objects. You have a chance to find out why Austin is called a WEIRD CITY. It’s all because of its various cuisine. You should take a Weird Food Tour and enjoy local food delicacies.

  1. Be Scared!

Looking for adrenaline rush, you may try Haunted Austin Tours. This is a kind of excursion over the city most scaring places, catching ghosts and other horrors. The places you Must Visit are:

  • Driskill Hotel
  • Littlefield House

You can find more if you have more free time!



Don’t make this fact that you have no more than 2 hours to stop you from investigating Austin. Sometimes, 5 hours is enough to find out the most interesting places! There are few things to remember before you go out! If you are going to rent a car, be aware of hot hours. It often happens that you’ve got stuck in a traffic jam even in the afternoon. Everything depends on the road you are going on. Be aware of I-35 road at this part of the day. If you are not sure about where to go and what to see, try to learn more about the city interesting places around your hotel. If you don’t have free time at all, just take a walk. Austin is full of street arts that are free to enjoy.