Turnkey solutions in Africa are bringing about positive, continental healthcare changes. As new, healthcare-specific facilities are being designed and constructed in Nigeria, the standard for patient care is being significantly altered. These new hospitals offer a ‘fresh start’ as the clean, first-world structures make it easier to incorporate the latest technologies and maintain a healthier environment. This, however, is just the tip of the iceberg. This article explores five of the many reasons why turnkey solutions in Africa are revolutionising the way the continent looks at healthcare.


  1. Code Compliance

Each of the well-thought-out and highly sophisticated turnkey solutions in Africa are designed with healthcare building codes in mind. Because of this, every single new hospital is constructed to universal standards, ensuring that it is both structurally sound, and able to accommodate the many equipment and traffic demands that a healthcare facility requires, and because new facilities allow healthcare professionals to start from scratch, it’s far easier to maintain the high health standards within these facilities and keep the building in excellent shape, as opposed to a state of disrepair.

  1. Improved Health

The cleanliness of new hospitals makes it much easier to prevent the spread of infectious diseases, reduce complications with a patient’s condition due to bacteria or infections, allows for faster recovery times and lower patient mortality rates. Sending a patient home from a clean facility where they have healed, as opposed to sending a sickly patient home, will also significantly lower the spread of illnesses across the general public, leading to improved health conditions overall.

  1. Patient Comfort

The new Nigerian turnkey solutions are created with patient comfort in mind. These facilities are designed to be more appealing and welcoming to patients, their loved ones, and visitors. In addition, a fresh and clean space will enable patients to feel more confident in their doctor’s abilities, and will help them to relax in the faith that they will be well cared for, and will be able to recover in this positive setting.

  1. Career Satisfaction

The design, upkeep, and overall conditions of a hospital facility affects more than just the patients. Doctors, nurses, and other hospital staff must endure the daily conditions of the facility, and as such, will enjoy a higher level of satisfaction in their careers if they are working in a healthier environment. The increased standard of health that is promoted by the turnkey solutions in Africa will allow medical professionals to do their jobs with ease, help more patients, see how the quality of a patient’s life is improved by the new hospital, and will be able to take pride in their work each day.

  1. Continental Change

As expatriate medical workers witness first-hand how new Nigerian hospitals have impacted healthcare standards for the better, they’ll want to take the concept back home with them. Each of these individuals will become the visionaries for their own countries, taking measures to push for better healthcare for their neighbours and loved ones. As this happens, the idea of healthier facilities and improved healthcare will spread across the continent so that eventually, every man, woman and child in Africa will have access to the best care possible.

Revolutionary thought-leaders like Dr. Tunji Olowolafe (also known as Olatunji Olowolafe) are turning the dream of a better, healthier Africa into a reality, one step at a time. As the CEO of Deux Project Ltd, Dr. Olowolafe has overseen the development of numerous state-of-the-art turnkey solutions in Nigeria, which are changing the overall standard for healthcare. As this concept continues to spread, the quality of life will be improved for individuals throughout the continent and beyond.

Written by: Nnamdi’s day job as a lawyer means that he is involved on a daily basis with international development projects. He is passionate about the improvements to people’s lives that can come through improvements in national infrastructure in Africa, particularly in improving the delivery of health services, Nnamdi closely follows the work of Dr. Tunji Olowolafe CEO of Deux Project Ltd focusing on the long term gains in economic development that comes with improved healthcare standards and the infrastructure developments needed.