We have come to grips with the idea that men are 50% of the fertility equation. However, the causes that are responsible for the infertility rate among men and the fact that most of these issues are either almost totally curable or reversible has some people, including researchers astounded; lifestyles from the more industrial ages such as 1950 all the way up to the present time is the culprit.

Most of the old-school thoughts and traditions as to which sex is responsible for the inability to conceive have been relaxed as of late in the Western world as research has been on the rise to find out what role the male plays in the part of infertility. One study done in Scotland by the Scottish Medical Journal on men who wear kilts are more likely to boost their sperm count however it is not just because the kilts are loose. It is also because according to what was polled in the study that the garb provides a sense of manhood and pride and serves as a psychological boost which also plays a role in male reproduction.

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Technology and Lifestyles that Play an Active Role in Fertility in Men

It is interesting that the male reproductive system has been rendered so delicate yet the issues so reversible. Listed below are the factors that our modern society plays in infertility in the male today.

Testosterone Inhibitors:

Just the title itself should be a flag. This is the last thing you want to inhibit and how do you avoid this? Avoid smoking cigarettes and marijuana also avoid heavy drinking and cocaine or any opiate unless you are using this for pain control try to seek out an alternative for the time in which you are trying to become more fertile.

Also steer clear of taking extra testosterone! Your body will cease to create it and you will have a very low natural amount left. This is to all body builders who do engage in this activity.


A study done at Stony Brook University, New York states that raising the temperature of a man’s testicles by just a few degrees will cause a major difference in fertility.

We are already aware of the advice to stay out of hot tubs and hot baths and to wear boxers rather than briefs or if you a can then go ‘commando’ but here is another mostly overlooked tip and that is the heat from your laptop!

Physical Trauma:

Boys will be boys and they are always smacking thing around down there we know, but enough times and the sperm will suffer.


This is the unseen dangers, which are the pollutants that go through our skin and that are ingested in the body through our water and food with heavy metals and pesticides that will affect sperm as well.

In conclusion, if you can possibly avoid these risk factors then you will be more apt to raise your chances of Colorado fertility.