Large trucks take up a tiny percentage of all registered vehicles, but they are involved in more accidents than other vehicles. The National Highway Safety Administration reported 4,000 fatalities and over 100,000 serious injuries related to truck accidents in 2012.The size of commercial trucks and the long distances they travel contribute to the many accidents reported, and most of them lead to fatalities and serious injuries. If you or your loved one has the misfortune of being in a truck accident, calling a personal injury lawyer should be on your list of priorities for these reasons.

Truck Accidents: Why You Need A Lawyer To Help Out With Recovery

Fight Insurance Company and Defendants’ Lawyers

The owner of the truck, as well as their insurance company, will come at you with their team of lawyers so you can be intimidated and drop the case. Insurance companies thrive on not paying victims, and they will do everything to ensure you don’t get compensated or win the case. You need an experienced lawyer to fight back and help you recover because you can’t take on such giants on your won.


Civilians don’t have what it takes to investigate the cause of an accident or prove liability. A team of personal injury lawyers will be able to investigate the crash by examining medical records, police report and interviewing witnesses. With enough evidence, the lawyers can then take up the insurance company and the people responsible for the accident.

Handle Paperwork

There is a lot of paperwork and processes that go into filing a case involving accidents. Failure to compile all the necessary documents and submit them at the right time could cost you the case. Lawyers know all the paperwork they require and the processes to follow to ensure your case is heard and you are compensated.

Preserve Evidence

Truck companies have strategies in place in case their trucks get into an accident. A team will be sent to the scene to do damage control and often try to hide evidence that can prove negligence on their part. Commercial truck accident attorneys will make haste to get a court order stopping the company from contaminating the evidence. It is essential to contact a commercial truck accident attorney immediately after the accident happens if you can so they will start the investigation when things are fresh and untouched.

Accident attorneys usually get their compensation after the insurance company pays you, so you don’t have to worry about fees. Their role in helping you recover loss of wages, medical bills, time lost and emotional trauma cannot be underestimated.