Sometime during your undergraduate years or at the beginning of law school, you will certainly begin to consider what type of attorney you want to become. Here are four law specializations that have solid future career potential.

Elder Law

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, in 2030 one in five Americans will be more than 65 years old. This burgeoning population will need legal specialists to take care of matters such as:

  • Fiduciary matters including financial planning, housing, income and estate planning and inheritance and gift taxes
  • Capacity questions including guardianship and avoidance of guardianship
  • Resident rights in housing and adult care facilities
  • Will, trust and probate planning

There are many more legal issues affecting the elderly and a good lawyer may stand between their client and significant threats to their health, safety and financial standing. Legal specialists in elder law must usually pass state or national exams and meet other qualifications.

Find Your Niche 4 Types Of Law You Can Specialize In

Sports Law

Sports law has become of great interest to many young lawyers. Lawyers who specialize in sports law do more than represent high-profile professional stars. They handle a wide range of clients involved in sports at every level:

  • Players from Little League, school, recreational, Olympic, international and professional organizations
  • Coaches, officials and referees
  • Teams and leagues
  • Sports governing bodies
  • Educational institutions
  • Sports facility owners and operators

Lawyers interested in sports law will need a wide range of legal background, from contract, labor, antitrust and tort law for teams to employment, contact, tax and workers’ compensation law for athletes.

Education Law

For the past few decades, school reform has become a hotter topic every year. Every state faces challenges to educate their students in the best way possible while meeting state and federal guidelines.

There is a place for lawyers on every side and at every level in this field, including:

  • Government units at district, local, state and federal levels need lawyers to guide employees, draft regulations and legislation, provide guidance on issues of discrimination.
  • Private public interest firms represent students, parents and schools in a variety of issues ranging from contracts to student discipline.

The field of education law includes many opportunities for lawyers who have a passion for a good and equal education for all children.

Corporate Law

Corporations all need lawyers, whether the business is local or international. Corporate lawyers from Carter West are charged with the obligation to ensure that the commercial transactions are legal. To accomplish this, the corporate lawyer will need to have a legal background in the following:

  • Taxes
  • Securities
  • Intellectual property rights
  • Accounting
  • Bankruptcy
  • Licensing
  • Zoning

The corporate lawyer may also be involved with relations between and among managers, shareholders and boards. The field of corporate law is vast with many opportunities available for any interest.

There are now more opportunities than ever for young lawyers. Exploring different law school classes, trying differing internships and speaking with practicing attorneys in a field of interest will help narrow down your search for a rewarding legal career.