Have you ever caught yourself wondering why your legs feel so heavy? There are different reasons behind why your legs may feel heavy, one of the most common being varicose veins. You probably never considered that your varicose veins were what were causing your legs to ache.

Varicose veins occur in people for many different reasons. A common reason for varicose veins to show up on your legs, or other body parts, has to do with genetics. If you have family members who also varicose veins it should not come as a big surprise that you do as well. It has been proven that varicose veins are often a genetic trait that will be passed down through the generations.

Side Effects

Most people think that the only side effect of varicose veins is cosmetic. While the appearance of bulging veins on your legs is a side effect that many people despise there are also other things that are frowned upon by people with this vein disorder.

In fact, one of the most common symptoms of varicose veins is having heavy legs. Varicose veins are usually caused by blood not being able to flow properly through your veins. People who spend a lot of time sitting and not letting their legs move around and promote blood flow will often have varicose veins develop in their legs. The blood starts to pool in places inside of the veins and it does not take long for the veins to start to bulge out of the legs.

Once varicose veins have made their appearance on your body you will still have side effects develop over time. The first side effect will most likely just be the appearance of the veins on your body. Having bulging veins on your legs can be very hard on people self-conscious. It is difficult to show your legs or other areas of your body if you feel they are unappealing to other people.

Most people eventually adapt to the appearance of the veins and that is when they start to notice other symptoms. Heavy legs is a symptom that is commonly complained about. You may be wondering how having a vein disorder can make your legs feel especially heavy.

Doctors have discovered that when you veins start to twist and curl as varicose veins do that oxygen can not filter through them properly. When your body and blood do not get adequate amounts of oxygen through them they are going to start to feel heavy. This is why people who have vein disorders often feel that they are trying to pack around legs that feel especially heavy.

If you think you  are having problems with the veins inside of your body it is encouraged that you visit with a doctor about the problem and start treatments to fix them. The longer you wait and let the veins continue to get worse the more likely you are going to also start to notice other side effects.