RV is a moving accommodation. It’s a transportation facility, as well as the place where we can sleep, take a bath and relax during a trip. RV is a great thing to have if we are living in a large country with excellent road infrastructure, such as the United States and Australia. Because RV is essentially a small home, many owners want to bring pets with them. Having pets during a trip can be both exciting and somewhat troublesome. Both children and pets can get very excited once the RV starts to go to the first destination of the long journey. Taking our pets along with us can be really convenient and fun. However, there are a number of precautions that we need to take, when we are traveling with pets. One thing that we need to consider is that the interior could get really hot or cold, despite the use of air conditioner and heater. Some pets may adapt poorly to temperature swings and this could cause problems. In order to save fuel, our RV may use exhaust fans that can equalize the internal and external temperatures. It’s even better to avoid going to places where temperature changes are excessive.

It’s important that we don’t leave pets for an extended period of time in RV. It is important to check on our pets periodically. Even if the door is locked, it is important to make sure that the temperature won’t go up or down to sharply. It is important to make sure that pets always get clean fresh water. Unlike at home, pets may drink from water pools, drainage and small streams, when they are traveling with RV. Pets should be watched all the time and they need to be properly hydrated during long walks in hot day. Bottled water and water that people drink are appropriate for our pets. There should be a special crate inside the RV where pets can sleep during the trip. The crate should be removable and we should be able to clean it during the trip to avoid contaminating the rest of the RV interior. The crate must be shock proof, it means that pets won’t be injured or bruised due to sudden jolts on the road. Recent photographs of our pet should also be available, so we will be able to ask people when our pets get lost. Because pets are more likely to be exposed to microorganism, it is important that we update all vaccinations.

One of the most important vaccinations is rabies. There should also be medications for heartworm, tick and fleas. We should research the locations of vets along the path of our trip, so during an emergency; we would be able to go to the nearest vet. There should be first aid kit for pets and we should know about the medication dosage for our pets. We need to have the phone number of family pet, so we will be ask specific things during our trip. In order to maintain recognizable pattern, pets should be fed their usual brand of food. Make sure that identification in pet’s collars are relevant and updated. As an example, we may have recently changed our mobile phone numbers.