Our recent holiday saw us flying from Gatwick, an entirely new airport to us, and with it, we set ourselves a little challenge to see how we could make things a little easier and save money! We are used to the usual hustle and bustle of Heathrow but last months holiday to Spain saw us departing from Gatwick for a change, simply due to us needing to save a little money and flying with a budget airline for a change! Of course, even from the word go, we were trying to holiday on a budget and, as would be expected, this cost cutting needed to extend to extras such as car parking and insurance! With that in mind, we set ourselves the challenge of finding these things as cheaply as possible, without compromising on the usual necessaries! In these current times, cutting costs is absolutely vital for many of us and every penny saved on extras means that little bit more spending money for the trip! It’s an unfortunate reality but one which is now so familiar to many of us!

With this in mind, the first essential extra which we needed to book was travel insurance! Going to Europe meant we did have our European travel cards, however we wanted to ensure we were fully covered for everything we usually would be regardless! We are strong believers that all these extras are essential and that quality shouldn’t be sacrificed for cost but we were also sure that we could save a little bit here and there and, of course, are fully aware that it all adds up!

Saving Money On A Recent Flight From Gatwick!

With that all in mind, we set off on comparing the various options for travel insurance and, believe it or not, the best quote we came up with was through Tesco! I knew many of the supermarkets were doing financial products now but wasn’t sure they were always competitive on price! Tesco’s quote smashed the next best quote by almost a fiver each…not a lot but it all adds up! Mission one down and mission two; to get cheap parking at Gatwick airport was up next!

Any of you who have previously looked for airport parking online surely faced the same issue as us…there’s simply so many options to choose from for seemingly just a few car parks with every booking site offering something a little different it seemed! With so many options we initially struggled to find a clear and concise booking site which told us exactly the information we wanted to know! Through a bit of searching on Google, we came across FHR who, surprise surprise, offered the information we wanted in an easy to digest way! No confusing jargon and clear pricing was exactly what we had wanted to see and was enough to get us to book there and then! The great pricing (£35 cheaper than the airports own site) was a plus as well and all the savings were going into the holiday spending pot!

All in all, mission one and two were both very successful and showed that, with a little bit of time spent looking around for the best deals, the essential extras don’t have to cost a fortune and that you can have that little bit extra money for spends when you’re away!