There are different reasons why people prefer to go to Nepal. They love the great food, unique culture and beautiful mountains. Many people think that Nepal is quiet highland country, but the country has a modest urban traffic as well. One of the attractive ways to enjoy a country is by observing its traffic. It can be quite interesting to watch for a few minutes how the local gas station works, especially when it’s related to the volatile fuel price. We will be able to understand local people by examining their traffic habit. Due to its landlocked and relatively remote location, fuel can be something that is difficult to obtain in many parts of Nepal. In these places, you can consider yourself lucky to find an open gas station and you’re even luckier to find fuel that is available for sale.

When you see a lint at any gas station, it will tell you that there’s actually fuel and people who get fuel can consider themselves as lucky. When travelling in Nepal, you should know that fuel can be a crucial factor. Although the country is relatively small compared to its neighbours, limited fuel in some areas can affect your travel plan significantly. The best chance of reaching specific areas is by using public transportation, because it receives fuel supply priority from the government. So, it is important that you plan your trip in Nepal based on the local availability of fuel. It won’t be pleasant to waste your time for hours in the line, while your vehicle has precariously low fuel level. Also, a vehicle-less trip could help you pass the cramped road. Some of the destinations in Nepal can be visited by walking for the entire day.

You may wake up in the morning and return to the hotel in the evening after visiting a number of places.  You can do this at a reasonably leisure pace and you will be able to visit multiple places, especially at Kathmandu, where you can different tourist attractions located relatively close to one another. The road just outside the city can be relatively empty, but in some parts of Kathmandu, it can be quite hectic. Some of the roads in Nepal can be narrow and they can cause a bit of slowdowns when two cars go in opposite directions. In some cases, you need to back up, to let the traffic flow again. It is important to know what roads that are accessible for your vehicles. Some the roads can be completely impassable. It takes some ingenuity to deal with small road bottlenecks while travelling around Nepal.

In Kathmandu and other cities, local police force should be conveniently around. They will direct motorcycles, cars and pedestrians to move in a smoother fashion. The fuel price in Kathmandu and other areas can be outrageous, but with the relatively stable recent global oil prices, this shouldn’t be a serious issue for the most part. Nepal is an amazing country to visit and you shouldn’t let fuel availability, road conditions and traffic to become obstacles during your trip.