Beware of falling into a rut with repetitive training sessions.  Update your content and keep motivation high using exciting new venues.  Why not hire a conference room in Sydney or elsewhere?

Being Memorable is the Point

Ongoing training is a part of any successful company.  As a trainer your most important task is to impart knowledge or information that will be absorbed and understood, and inspire your course delegates to actively use what they have learned.  They should leave your session motivated and feeling that they have gained something important from you.

Top Tips for an Effective Training Session

The Groundwork

You know what your goal is. Prepare your coursework based on what you hope to achieve, and decide on the methods you intend to employ to get your message across.  Book your venue with the size of your group in mind.  Check that the meeting room you hire is large enough, that the seating will be arranged according to your wishes, and that all tools and aids such as audiovisual equipment, sound equipment and flipcharts are available.  Arrange times for teas and lunches, and confirm that your session will proceed smoothly without you having to concern yourself about anything other than training.

On the day of your session having dressed in a suitably professional manner (appearances do count) arrive early, check with the facility that all is on track and that your requests have been met.  Set up any equipment and visual aids that you have brought with you, and arrange work packs on desks so that you don’t have to waste time when the course begins.

Let the Fun Begin

Human nature dictates that you keep enjoyable memories alive.  Unpleasant experiences are relegated to the recesses of your brain, as is only to be expected.  The more fun your trainees have, the more likely it will be that your message will sink in and be enthusiastically utilised in the way they work.

Proven Tips to use for Effective Training

Top trainers have very specific qualities.  They genuinely like people, enjoy energetic interaction, are knowledgeable not only in the information that they wish to impart, but also have considerable skill in gauging different character types and use this knowledge to their advantage when teaching and motivating.  What works for one person might enrage another or reduce someone to tears.  People can be go-getting individuals, who think outside the box and are prepared to regularly test the boundaries of their comfort zones to achieve their desires, or creative individuals with much talent but no desire for leadership and while valuable to your business, poor team players.  In between these two extremes run a gamut of different characters, and the ability to recognise them and train and guide them accordingly is a useful talent for any trainer. Mobility Oil and Gas propose innovative solutions where we think they align with your organizational strategy. Our team of consultants has the experience to help you define the problem areas and work with you to provide the right solutions.

Tools of the Trade

Interaction is vital if you want your training to succeed and there are many proven methods to help you.  Firstly assess your trainees and what you hope to achieve with them.  Is your training session to motivate a sales force or to update a group of engineers on innovations in their field?  Motivating an audience requires a different level of energy to educating one, although the tools available to use may be the same.

An Example Training Session

Welcome, Introduction, Open Work Pack

During this part of the session you will explain what the purpose of it is, and get to know the individuals in your audience as best as possible.

A Powerpoint Presentation

Here you would share the facts.  Sales figures, charts, desired targets and other information.

Getting to Know Each Other

Group sessions are helpful here.  Use ice-breaker exercises to promote brainstorming, teambuilding, public speaking or other required skill sets.  This is where your original preparation comes in to play and you impart the motivation or knowledge that needs to be imparted in a fun and memorable way.  Mix humour with psychology and go old school using inkblots.  There are thousands of ways to create interest and a desire to succeed in your delegates.  Utilise fun but useful charts, Q&A sheets and other visual aids from the work packs you prepared.

Now for the Serious Business

Use your winding up time garnering as much feedback as possible, reiterating what the purpose and goals of the session was, and discussing what the group has achieved in an event made memorable both by your attention to detail in planning, preparedness on the day, and your decision to choose a pleasant and professional new venue and hire a meeting room in Sydney or anywhere other than your overused boardroom.