Sun damage is a dangerous thing to deal with, despite how insignificant it may seem most of the time. Ultraviolet or UV radiation can be incredibly damaging. Using sunscreen is one of the best ways to avoid these damages. And while having oily skin can be annoying when using this product, it is a must to do so.  You need to avoid these rays in order to avoid the following conditions:

  • Sunburn
  • Premature Aging
  • Tanning
  • Skin Damage
  • Skin Cancer (Worst Situation)

In order to avoid these horrible results, there are some common mistakes that you at first thought are insignificant, which you must avoid at all costs. This is one of the best anti-aging tips that can be given to you.

But this does not mean that you must stay out of the sun. You can always enjoy swimming, hiking, and biking without having to risk sun damage. In fact, you can actually end up having perfect sun-kissed skin in the process.

Top Mistakes You Need To Avoid Decreasing The Risk Of Sun Damage

In order to avoid extreme sun exposure and damage, here are the common mistakes you need to avoid.

Not Applying Sun Protection on a Cloud Day

Yes, it is a cloudy day, but it does not mean that the sun is gone. The truth is that wind burn is a real thing and there is a high chance that you will get this burn by being outdoors on a cloudy day. In actuality, this burn is a product of UV rays. In fact, it is on a cloudy day that 80% of the sun’s UV rays is incredibly harmful and can penetrate the skin easily.

While you won’t be able to see these rays, UV can be high even on cloudy days, which is why you need sun protection at all times.

Only Choosing to Use Sun Protection When at the Beach

While it is true that that being at the beach will require you to use sun protection, it is not only in that instance that you should use sunscreen. Even if you are just going to the grocery on a hot day, apply your sunscreen to avoid sun damage.

Relying Solely on Your Cosmetics with SPF

Are you confident about your cosmetic’s SPF? You should be if it’s amazing. But it doesn’t mean that you can simply forgo sunscreen application because of it. Most cosmetic products have lower SPF that will mostly require you to apply sunscreen on top of these cosmetics.

Make sure to re-apply your sunscreen regularly. It is recommended to do so every two hours throughout the day to guarantee full protection.  Besides re-applying regularly, it is also necessary that you know how much sunscreen to use.

Simply Not Using Sunscreen Often

If you bought it, use it! Using more expensive sunscreen does not necessarily mean that it is better. Having better coverage of your skin and higher SPF will be the better considerations. Despite these considerations though, the best thing to do is to use them. Use your sunscreen and use it generously and frequently.

Thinking That Your Fake Tan Is Not A Sunscreen Replacement

Fake tanning products have SPF but just like moisturizers, foundations, and other cosmetic products, these are not a replacement for your sunscreen. Use sunscreen on top of your tanning products just like you do with your cosmetic products.

Relying Entirely on Your Sunscreen

Yes, sunscreen and sun protection products are effective. But you should not rely on these products solely and do something more for sun protection. One of which is through clothing. Use special clothes against sun protection if you know that you have to be under the sun for a period of time. Some of these clothes include the following:

  • Rash Guards
  • Swim Shirts
  • Long-sleeved Cover-ups

It is also recommended that you use darker colors synthetic fibers since they are more effective. In addition, it is important to remember that using these special clothing does not mean you can do away with your sunscreen. It is always a requirement and you can simply add up to the protection by using these clothes.

Underestimating the Strength of the Sun

One of the worst things that you can do, which is incredibly damaging to your skin, is to underestimate the sun’s strength. Accept the fact that the UV rays from the sun can be damaging. In addition to that, take note of the times of the day, where being under the sun can be most damaging to you. Its strongest heat is between 10 in the morning to 4 in the afternoon. These are the times that you have to avoid or make sure to use the most sunscreen. Leaving your skin unprotected and under the sun during these hours is a stupid thing to do.

Believing that Being Naturally Tan Is Protection in Itself

Yes, if you are naturally tan then you have better protection against the sun compared to pasty-colored people. But no, this does not mean that you can use your skin’s color as a replacement for sunscreen. Your skin, whatever color it may have, needs protection. And this can only be accomplished by applying sun protection every now and then.

Skipping Your Lips in Applying Sunscreen

Though it may sound weird, it is important to cover all the necessary parts of your body, including your toes, ears, and lips. These parts are usually easy to forget since you would normally focus on the larger part of your body and the most exposed ones like your neck, arms, and legs.

One of the most important things to remember is your lips. They have thinner protective cell layers compared to other parts of your body and so are more vulnerable to UV damage. Pay extra close attention to them.


It is highly necessary that you take care of your entire body, especially your skin. From simple sunscreen lotion to Nutra lift, choosing to avail effective products will help you to properly take care of your body better. Besides using excellent products though, you must also make sure to do necessary precautions.