With one consistent theme going through-the name ‘Blue Whale Challenge’, over the past month, a few instances of youngsters losing their lives or endeavoring to commit suicide have made headlines as truly newsworthy. Curious to know what this vile ‘game’ is, that has such a significant number of teens grasped around the world? The game evidently urges vulnerable youngsters to take a progression of 50 challenges running from waking at odd hours, to self-mutilation and in the end killing themselves at the same time sharing their experiences by means of online networking with the admins. The executioner game is presently spreading to the rest of the globe at a disturbing rate.

A Detail Overview On The Blue Whale Challenge

This social media game started in Russia has advanced into numerous different nations and being accessed through Snapchat, Instagram, etc. The basis of the challenge is that an anonymous “group administrator,” also called as “the curator,” gives out 50 tasks to selected players that must be finished, documented and posted during a 50-day period. The tasks begin off with little things but turn out to be progressively more hurtful, with players being asked to wake up at unusual hours to watch irritating videos, self-cut in the shape of a whale and take selfies while hanging off the most astounding rooftop they can find.  At last, the best way to “win” the Blue Whale Challenge is to pass on by suicide. If the victims get cold feet and express the desire to leave the game midway, the administrators of this horrific game issue death threats for victims parents.

The game itself is not being run or controlled by one person or from one source. This is apparent from the fact that even though the inventors of the game have been arrested, the game continues to be shared and managed by curators across the world. So every parent needs to monitor their kids against these sorts of cyber threats and gives psychological treatment by redirecting the youth community towards inventive activities. The best way to stay safe is by identifying the threats beforehand. In case of children, their online activities like the sort of games they play, the applications they have downloaded, YouTube videos, and browsing history ought to be kept an eye all the time. Parental monitoring software applications can be installed into the devices to monitor their activities. In addition, regularly interacting with children serves to a more noteworthy extent in monitoring inconspicuous changes in their behavior.

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