It doesn’t matter if you are travelling to France or tripping with family in Australia, safety and being healthy is the first priority that you should keep in mind. You should always be concerned about your safety. Here are the 10 safety and health related tips for travelling to Chicago.

1. Stay Connected:

– The days of being without laptops, smartphones and video calling messenger like Skype are gone.

– Always check and make whether your phone supports the capabilities of roaming at the destination, before you leave your home place.

– If there are no roaming services or the roaming charges are high then buy International SIM card or rent a phone from that area.

– Nowadays smartphones are fitted with online maps and GPS which gives makes a plus point.

– Give the address and contact of the place you are staying to your family members.

– Call your family members 2-3 times a day.

2. Keep Passport, Credit Cards And Money In Different Places:

– Keep some money that you need in your pocket and all the money and credit cards and in your purse or wallet.

– Always keep your passport safe in the hotel locker or in the place you are staying.

– Always carry a copy of your passport and not the original one while travelling.

– You can also leave a copy of your passport at home to some family member.

– Always keep your passport, money and and credit cards in different places and not in the same pouch.

3. Study Your Destination:

– Always be concerned about the safety and awareness about the local customs.

– Learn about the dressing style of that area.

– Women travelers should know if women harassment is an issue in that area.

– Learn about safety in public transportation for both men and women.

– Get the information about the neighbourhoods from the locals, especially of nights.

– Always keep the local emergency number in case of any help.

4. Ensure That The Lodgings Are Safe:

– Always keep the security door locked and fasten the chain.

– Book a room close to elevators or near the stairs as it can help in case of emergency.

– Never book a room on ground floor as from here; entry from window is easy.

– If you are not expecting someone then don’t open or answer the door.

– Always book a lodge near the highway, Police station or in the main area.

10 Health Tips While Traveling To Chicago

5. Keep Right Items While Going Out:

– Always carry number of your travel insurance and some I.D proof to get some medical assistance in case of emergency.

– Keep the address of the your embassy, place where you are staying and of a cab company.

– Never carry large amount of money with you.

– If you have more than one ATM or credit card, never carry both with you.

6. Keep Your Family Members Informed:

– Always inform your family members and friends of the place where you are going.

– Send the address of the place where you are staying to your family.

– Always inform about the expected time of return to someone close to you while travelling to a park or some other place.

7. Stay Healthy:

– Stay in healthy environment free from mosquitoes.

– Always check the water before drinking, confirming that is it safe to drink.

– Always keep hand wash with you.

– Keep normal first aid box with you and extra medicine in case of emergency.

8. Be Smart While Exploring:

– Always try to arrive your destination in daytime.

– Keep your headphones away as it may distract you from exploring the surrounding.

– Don’t wear any valuables and wear appropriate dress while exploring.

– Keep maps with you and always keep an eye on it especially at night.

– Keep your bags, wallets or purse in your eye sight.

9. Be Alert:

– If you are travelling then it doesn’t mean that you can go anywhere. Make sure to know about the unknown territory before entering it.

– Don’t distract yourself with the sound and sight of an area.

– And keep common sense with you, don’t leave it at home.

10. Connect With Travelers:

– Always be in touch with the other travelers as this is the most important tool while travelling.

– Try to travel in group to be in safe side.

– Send the name, address and contact number of the other travelers to your family.

Safety is the first priority as if suppose you are traveling Chicago then you should always keep the basic information and keep your esta visa, passport, credit cards and money in different places. Never keep them in the same pouch or wallet.