sleeperSleeper sofas are a great piece of furniture, especially in compact homes that don’t possess a lot of space for large beds. A sleeper sofa can serve a variety of purposes, such as a seat to recline and watch television, to sleep when the beds are taken or to sit and relax after a long day of work. The framework of a sleeper sofa is typically a bed attached to a sofa to be pulled out and used whenever you need to. Sometimes folding sofas are great to have around, as you can store them almost anywhere. Although it is the sleeper sofa that has become a very popular accommodation in many homes that see the frequent visits of guests and family. A lot of studio apartments have these sleeper sofas to save up on the space for other furniture. Overall, the sleeper sofa will provide much comfort and the available room.

This type of furniture is available in many different designs, having both a traditional and contemporary appeal. Some of them that have luxurious materials and fashions can help enhance the beauty within your home. Purchasing a sleeper sofa that can complement the furniture you already have is the perfect idea to add a cozy feeling to the inside. Choosing your sleeper sofa that has great quality is easy when you know what you’re looking for. Here are some of the most popular sleeper sofas that are available on the market today.

American Leather

American Leather’s “comfort sleeper” has to be the best sleeper sofa available, that guarantee both luxury and comfort. This vintage brand agrees a high quality and premium leather material that is widely accepted by users. Comfortable, stylish, and fashionable are the exact words to describe this brand of sleeper sofa. A few of the classic styles include Connor, Kayla, Dickinson, Giselle, Lindsay, and Kristina, and you will also be astonished to find the colors ranging from brick red, dark brown, white to chestnut brown. The cover is completely waterproof, stain free and allergen free. They are available in many sizes, therefore there is a size for all.

Carlyle Custom Convertibles

This type of sleeper sofa has a chenille base cloth on both the arms and base of the cover that provides extremely long-lasting protection and is very durable. With a variety of queen to smaller sized sofas, they are created with superior quality material. To purchase the complete set, look for a queen sized sofa along with the loveseat. These are two products that you should always look for when you are considering a sleeper sofa. A beautiful design is made into the woodwork in the front to give it an admirable look.

Ligne Roset

The sleeper sofas that you will find from Ligne Roset are popular for their amazing craftsmanship and their outstanding quality of material that is used on the structure, linens and the foams. These sleeper sofas present a modern European design and the adjustable sofa can be used for any purpose. When you are looking forward to adding a little decoration to your home, you could pick Ligne Roset to make everything complete. The material is very high quality and they come in many shades including dark brown, black, beige and light brown. The foam used in them has a density of around 2 inches and the movable armrests make it the perfect piece of furniture for luxury.

Design Within Reach or DWR

These types of sofas are famous for their design, quality and color. These modern designs are usually referred to by their trade names like Traversina Sleeper, Twilight Sleep Sofa Cento, Havana Sleeper Sofa, and so on. The mattresses that are used within these sleeper sofas are guaranteed to not cause any pain to the back. The designs fit the needs of any type of modern living and the bed is expandable and wide. The material is very cozy and soft offering a relaxing touch. The covers can be removed easily to wash and you can add covers that will match both the look and feel of your home.

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This article, written by Camia Sidle, lists the top sleeper sofas that are full of comfort and luxury. When choosing a sleeper sofa from Sleepers in Seattle, choose one that will not only fit your requirements, but also enhance the beauty of your home.